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Current and Future Activities

2007 Activities
  • Contractor submits draft SON Index and Technical Manual Guide to HRSA
  • Preparation of 2007 Congressional Report
  • Contractor continues Supplemental Studies to refine the SON Index
  • Dissemination Activities are ongoing and include:
    • HRSA/HAB Policy Meeting convened to provide HAB staff with update on SON Index activities
    • Notice of SON Index, requesting public input, published in Federal Register
    • E-mail about the SON Index sent via multiple dissemination channels (Grantee Distribution List, HAB Bi-Weekly Email, HRSA/HAB Website)
    • Update on SON Index provided at HRSA/HAB’s Federal Partners Meeting
    • National TA Webcast on SON Index held to update grantees on SON Index Recorded 12/11/07
    • Briefing on the SON Index at CDC/HRSA HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee Meeting
2008 Activities
  • Contractor submits results of additional supplemental studies
  • Contractor submits final SON Index to HRSA
  • Contractor revises SON Technical Manual Guide
  • Independent Analysis of SON Index conducted by independent contractor
  • Consideration of operational concerns such as securing data agreements and assessing HRSA capacity to implement recommendations
  • SON Index Institute held at the Ryan White Grantee Meeting
  • Preparation of the SON Index Congressional package prepared for the HHS Secretary
  • SON Index Congressional package submitted to the HHS Secretary

Keeping People Informed—and Getting Input

HRSA/HAB is using multiple methods to keep the Ryan White Community informed about the SON Index. This includes dissemination of notices and updates to policy makers and grantees as follows. Each represents an opportunity for providing input to HRSA/HAB and the Collaboration as the draft SON Index is further refined.

  • HAB Biweekly Email. Regular SON Index updates will be included in this listserv newsletter that goes out to Ryan White grantees and other interested parties.
  • National TA Call. HRSA/HAB will convene this call in November 2007 to outline the SON Index and provide an opportunity for grantee comments and feedback.
  • CHAC Update. This CDC/HRSA advisory body will receive a SON Index update in November for members, who represent the continuum of policy makers from the prevention/care continuum.
  • Federal Register. A notice will be published in the Federal Register announcing the draft SON Index and requesting public input.
  • Quarterly Partners Meeting. HRSA meets regularly with other HHS officials and will share an update on the SON Index, particularly the role of other federal agencies in providing ready access to data that are used in the Index.
  • Grantee Meeting 2008 Workshops on SON Index. The August 2008 Ryan White Grantee Meeting anticipates well over 2,000 attendees. Multiple workshops will be held on the SON Index.