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Close Date Opportunity Title Agency Funding Number
04/23/2004   84.327A-Technology and Media Services For Individuals With Disabilities--Steppingstones of Technology Innovation for Students with Disabilities   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-031104-002  
05/16/2005   Rehabilitation Continuing Education Programs(RCEP) - Regional Rehabilitation Continuing Education Projects (RRCEP)   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-033005-004  
05/16/2005   Rehabilitation Continuing Education Programs (RCEP)-Regional Rehabilitation Continuing Education Projects (RRCEP) - CRP   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-033005-005  
05/16/2005   Smaller Learning Communities--Special Competition for Supplemental Reading Program Research Evaluation   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-033005-003  
06/24/2005   Research Fellowship Program   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-042005-002  
07/05/2005   Knowledge, Dissemination, and Utilization Projects   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-050405-001  
08/01/2005   Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as Amended -- Assistive Technology Alternative Financing Program   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-062705-002  
08/18/2005   Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as Amended -- National Activities -- National Assistive Technology Training and Technical Assistance Program   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-062705-001  
10/28/2005   Disability Rehabilitation Research Program (DRRP) on Demand-Side Employment Placement Models   Headquarters and Regional Offices   ED-GRANTS-082305-001  
03/01/2006   James Madison Graduate Fellowships   James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation   JMM-GRANTS-042805-001  
04/11/2006   Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Program   U.S. Department of Education   ED-GRANTS-021006-001  
06/29/2006   Education for Marginalized Children in Kenya   Kenya USAID-Nairobi   623-06-029  
07/17/2006   Macedonia Primary Education Program   Hungary USAID-Budapest   165-06-012  
03/12/2007   Girls' Education and Community Participation   Benin USAID-Cotonou   680-07-004  
05/07/2007   Research on Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (R21)   National Institutes of Health   PA-06-392  
06/04/2007   Civil Rights Division Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices Immigration Related Employment Discrimination Public Education Grants   Bureau of Justice Assistance   BJA-2007-1614  
07/18/2007   US-China University Collaboration on Rule of Law Program Objectives   Thailand USAID-Bangkok   USAID-RDMA-CHINA-486-07-017-RFA  
09/30/2007   Watershed Intern Program   Office of Surface Mining   DOI-SM-254-07  
04/28/2008   Enabling Quality, Access and Transparency in Education for Senegal   Senegal USAID-Dakar   USAID-SENEGAL-685-08-A-005-RFA  
07/15/2008   DHS Scientific Leadership Awards for Minority Serving Institutions   Office of Procurement Operations - Grants Division   DHS-08-ST-062-002  

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