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Close Date Opportunity Title Agency Funding Number
07/16/2008   Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Lighting Panel   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-08NT00291-05  
07/16/2008   Off Grid SSL Products   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-08NT00291-07  
07/16/2008   LED Based Integrated Luminaire   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-08NT00291-01  
07/16/2008   High Efficiency LEDs or Arrays   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-08NT00291-02  
07/16/2008   Electronics Development   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-08NT00291-04  
07/16/2008   Low cost substrates and encapsulation for OLEDs   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-08NT00291-06  
07/16/2008   Phospors or Encapsulants   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-08NT00291-03  
07/17/2008   US-China Clean Energy Partnership   Thailand USAID-Bangkok   USAID-RDMA-CHINA-486-08-008-RFA  
10/01/2008   Energy Frontier Research Centers   Chicago Service Center   DE-PS02-08ER15944  
12/01/2008   Demonstration of Electron Beam Technology for SO2 and NOx Reduction   Chicago Service Center   DE-PS02-08FE68154  
12/17/2008   Request for Information (RFI): PV Community Project - Fielded PV Systems and Components Data   Golden Field Office   DE-PS36-09GO39002  
01/15/2009   Clean Coal Power Initiative, Round 3   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-08NT43181  
01/16/2009   Area Interest 1 Advanced Combustion   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-09NT0001227-01  
01/16/2009   Area of Interest 2 Efficient Emission Control Devices   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-PS26-09NT0001227-02  
01/28/2009   Photovoltaic Supply Chain and Cross-Cutting Technologies   Golden Field Office   DE-PS36-09GO99003  
01/29/2009   National Geothermal Database   Golden Field Office   DE-PS36-08GO98020  
01/29/2009   Entrepreneur in Residence 2   Golden Field Office   DE-PS36-08GO98041  
01/30/2009   Geothermal Workforce Education Development and Retention   Golden Field Office   DE-PS36-09GO39004-RFI  
01/30/2009   Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research Grants Program   CSREES   USDA-CSREES-BRAP-002008  
02/02/2009   Wood Education and Resource Center Competitive Grants Program for Fiscal Year 2009   Forest Service   USDA-FS-WERC-2009  

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