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Close Date Opportunity Title Agency Funding Number
09/07/2004   Protection and Advocacy Program   ODISP- OESP   SSA-OESP-04-1  
01/19/2005   Partnerships in Implementing Patient Safety   Agency for Health Care Research and Quality   RFA-HS-05-012  
02/03/2005   Primary Care Services Resource Coordination and Development   Health Resources & Services Administration   HRSA-05-099  
04/19/2005   Clinical Studies of Safety and Effectiveness of Orphan Products   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FDA-OPD-2006  
05/12/2005   Cooperative Agreement to Support the World Health Organization (WHO) International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS)   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FDA-CFSAN-05-2  
08/15/2005   Ruminant Feed Ban Support Project (BSE); Availability of Cooperative Agreements   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FDA-ORA-05-3  
02/01/2006   AIDS, Population, and Health Integrated Assistance Program (APHIA II)   Kenya USAID-Nairobi   RFA623-A-06-009  
04/12/2006   Intervention Research Grants to Promote the Health of People with Disabilities   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   CDC-RFA-DD06-004  
04/19/2006   Draft Program Description: HIV-AIDS PCT( PEPFAR Vietnam)   Thailand USAID-Bangkok   486-06-006-DRAFT  
05/25/2006   Children and Youth Projects   Indian Health Service   HHS-2006-IHS-CYI-0001  
06/01/2006   Collaborative Cardiovascular Drug Safety and Biomarker Research Program   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FDA-OC-2006-1  
06/05/2006   Elder Care Initiative Long Term Care Grant Program   Indian Health Service   HHS-2006-IHS-IWHD-0001  
06/20/2006   Natural Family Planning   US Agency for International Development   RFA-M-OAA-GH-POP-0507  
06/30/2006   FDA Sole Source Non-Competing Continuation Announcement   Food & Drug Administration   FDA-SOLE-SOURCE-NONCOMPETING-FY-2006  
07/14/2006   FDA Health Fraud Task Force Non-Competing Continuation Announcement   Food & Drug Administration   FDA-HEALTH-FRAUD-NONCOMPETING-FY-2006  
07/14/2006   FDA Food Safety Task Force Conference Non-Competing Continuation Application Announcement   Food & Drug Administration   FDA-FOOD-SAFETY-NONCOMPETING-FY-2006  
07/14/2006   FDA Non-Competing Continuation Research Application Package   Food & Drug Administration   FDA-NONCOMPETING-RESEARCH-FY-2006  
02/08/2007   Health Promotion Disease Prevention/Chronic Care   Indian Health Service   HHS-2007-IHS-HPDP1-0001  
04/12/2007   Support to Civil Society Organizations/Faith Based Organizations Network to Provide HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment Services   Nigeria USAID-Abuja   APS-620-06-002  

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