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Close Date Opportunity Title Agency Funding Number
05/13/2005   Farm Labor Housing Loans and Farm Labor Housing Grants   Rural Development   USDA-RD-RHS-05-003  
05/26/2006   Supporting Licit Communities Activity   Peru USAID-Lima   USAID-LIMA-AD-06-005-RFA  
05/20/2008   Save America's Treasures   National Park Service   NPS-SAT2008  
07/30/2008   Batey Community Development Project   Dominican Republic USAID-Santo Domingo   RFA-517-08-010  
12/01/2008   Regional Innovation Systems Research Project   Economic Development Administration   EDA10312008RESEARCH  
12/02/2008   USAID/Sri Lanka Annual Program Statement (APS) - Partnership for Eastern Economic Revitalization (PEER)   Sri Lanka USAID-Colombo   383-09-500  
12/16/2008   Pastoralist Livelihoods Initiative, Phase II   Ethiopia USAID-Addis Ababa   663-A-09-004  
12/16/2008   Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network   CSREES   USDA-CSREES-SLBCD-001867  
12/16/2008   Children, Youth and Families at Risk Sustainable Community Projects   CSREES   USDA-CSREES-SLBCD-001866  
12/31/2008   Technical Assistance and Training Grant   Utilities Programs   RDUP-TAT-GRANT-100608-FY09  
12/31/2008   Solid Waste Management Grant   Utilities Programs   RDUP-SWMGRANT-100608-FY09  
12/31/2008   Urgent Needs   National Credit Union Administration   NCUA6051  
12/31/2008   Staff, Official, and Board Member Training Initiative   National Credit Union Administration   NCUA6054  
12/31/2008   Student Internship Initiative   National Credit Union Administration   NCUA6053  
12/31/2008   Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Initiative   National Credit Union Administration   NCUA6052  
01/05/2009   Federally-Recognized Tribes Extension Program   CSREES   USDA-CSREES-SLBCD-001906  
01/13/2009   AmeriCorps State and National Notice of Federal Funding Opportunity   Corporation for National and Community Service   CNCS-GRANTS-100108-001  
01/21/2009   OVC FY 09 Action Partnerships for National Membership, Professional and Community Service Organizations   Office for Victims of Crime   OVC-2009-1998  
01/22/2009   OVC FY 09 Public Awareness and Outreach for Victims in Underserved Communities   Office for Victims of Crime   OVC-2009-1999  
01/30/2009   CLEAN VESSEL GRANT PROGRAM   U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service   FWS-WSFR-CVA-2009  

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