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Close Date Opportunity Title Agency Funding Number
04/19/2004   Technical Assistance to plan and implement forestry practices under the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)   Virginia State Office   NRCS-VA-33A7-4-2  
04/19/2004   Technical Assistance to Plan and Implement Wildlife Habitat Plans under the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)   Virginia State Office   NRCS-VA-33A7-4-1  
05/05/2004   Environmental Quality Incentive Program Assistance   California State Office   NRCS-1-CA-04  
07/21/2004   Biology Assistance to producers for implementing conservation programs   Nebraska State Office   NRCS-NE-4-9  
07/28/2004   Technical Services for the Environmental Quality Incentive Program and Conservation Reserve Program   Wisconsin NRCS State Office   NRCS-101-WI-04  
08/04/2004   Colorado Locally Led Conservation Initiative   Colorado State Office   NRCS-CO-4-19  
08/09/2004   Technical Assistance to Monitor Wetland Reserve Program   NRCS-Arkansas State Office   NRCS-7103-4-27  
08/19/2004   Grazing Land Conservation Initiative Program Technical Assistance   NRCS-Arkansas State Office   NRCS-7103-4-31  
08/29/2004   Wetland Reserve Program Restoration   NRCS-Arkansas State Office   NRCS-7103-4-26  
08/30/2004   Technical Assistance to Develop and Implement Conservation Programs   NRCS-Arkansas State Office   NRCS-7103-4-28  
09/03/2004   Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative Coordinator   Colorado State Office   NRCS-CO-4-21  
09/10/2004   Plant Materials and Wildlife Training   Colorado State Office   NRCS-CO-4-23  
09/10/2004   Colorado Forestry Technical Assistance   Colorado State Office   NRCS-CO-4-20  
09/16/2004   Technical Assistance for Implementation of the Environmental Quality Incentive Program in Florida   Florida State Office   NRCS-EQ01-FL-04  
11/05/2004   Grazing Lands Initiative Coordinator   Colorado State Office   NRCS-CO-5-1  
01/19/2005   Grazing Lands Initiative Coordinator   Colorado State Office   NRCS-CO-5-2  
05/13/2005   Farm Labor Housing Loans and Farm Labor Housing Grants   Rural Development   USDA-RD-RHS-05-003  
08/19/2005   Wetlands Reserve Program Restoration   New York State Office   NRCS-NY-05-01  
01/25/2006   Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program with China   Foreign Agricultural Service   USDA-GRANTS-122105-001  
02/01/2006   Inviting Applications for the Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Program   Unified Export Strategy   NONE  

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