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Bullet U.S. National Library of Medicine
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Bullet Postdoctoral Research in Information Retrieval and Machine Learning
Bullet Postdoctoral Research in Biomedical Image Processing and Document Image Analysis

Research Areas
Bullet Language & Knowledge Processing
Bullet Semantic Knowledge Representation
Bullet Indexing Initiative
Bullet Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)
Bullet UMLS Knowledge Source Server (UMLSKS)
Bullet UMLS Semantic Network
Bullet Medical Ontology
Bullet Image Processing
Bullet Visible Human Project
Bullet AnatQuest
Bullet WebMIRS
Bullet Content-Based Image Retrieval

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Bullet Profiles in Science
Bullet Digital Library Research
Bullet Medical Article Records System (MARS)
Bullet DocView
Bullet Genetics Home Reference
Bullet NLM Gateway
Bullet Infrastructure Research
Bullet Next Generation Networking (NGN)
Bullet Scalable Information Infrastructure (SII)
Bullet Collaboratory
Bullet System Security and Advanced Networks
Bullet Multimedia Visualization
Bullet Breath of Life Tour
Bullet 3D Animation
Bullet Dream Anatomy
Bullet PPI Comparison
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