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Hurricane Cartoons

Hurricane Cartoon.

"Ow! I have something in my eye!"

Caption: OW! I have something in my eye! Don't you hate those pesky Hurricane Hunter planes? © 1996 Katie Sullivan

Special planes called "Hurricane Hunters" fly into hurricanes to gather valuable information. The people on the airplanes belong to the Air Force Reserve. In the eye of the hurricane, they can measure wind speed, air pressure and the structure of the storm.

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Bio: Weather enthusiast Katie Sullivan is the artist behind this collection of cartoon and explanations. The Wisconsin high school senior has yet to experience a hurricane firsthand, but has been fascinated by these awesome storms since 1991. Hoping to become a tropical meteorologist and novelist, Katie's interests include writing, drawing, postcard collecting, computers, and, of course, weather.

All cartoons © 1996 by Katie Sullivan and used by permission of copyright holder.

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