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ince 1989, FEMA has coordinated an Urban Search and Rescue system. This system has 27 teams, funded by FEMA, which are located in many different states. These teams are specially trained and equipped to find people who are trapped by a structural collapse. The collapse might be caused by a hurricane, earthquake or explosion.

ach task force can be activated in an emergency and can arrive at the disaster within hours. Each team has 62 specialists, including medical personnel, structural engineers - and search specialists. The search specialists include canine specialists - highly trained and certified dogs that know how to safely go into collapsed structures and how to systematically search an area. They know how to locate trapped people and then how to let their trainer know what they have found. These very special dogs work hard and save lives. They are constantly training to keep up their skills. They usually live with their trainers and ride in helicopters, boats and airplanes in order to get to their job fast. They are real Canine Heroes!

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