Fill in the blanks, using the words from the drop down boxes below. There are rhyming words below each blank to help you. Good luck.

1.  If you are indoors, stay inside until the storm  .

2.  Don't use the  . Telephone lines conduct electricity.

3.  Don't take a  . Water can also carry an electric charge if lightning strikes near your home.

4.  If you are outdoors, try to get to a safe shelter quickly. Move away from  things like trees, towers, fences, and telephone/power lines. They can attract lightning.

5.  If you are stuck outside and surrounded by trees, take shelter under the  trees.

6.  If you are outside in an open area go to a  lying place like a ditch or a valley.

7.  Stay away from  objects! They can attract lightning.

8.  Make yourself  by crouching down and putting your hands on your knees.

This story is from the activity book "To Be Safe During and Earthquake and Other Activities", reprinted with permission. The book is full of stories and activities and can be purchased. For more information about the activity book, call (310) 265-9777 or go to

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