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the WytookieThe Wytookie

by Janine Patrick

My mommy and daddy have been talking all year
About something strange and unfamiliar they fear.
They don't tell me, they use their grown-up voices,
They talk about "preparing" and "precaution" and "choices."
Whatever it is, it's not meant for me...
But still I get scared when they say "the Wytookie."

The Wytookie, I think, is a monster, it's huge,
It's as smart as a fox and it's meaner than scrooge,
It gets into your house and it steals things at night
It's got long-reaching claws and it causes a fright.
Good thing for us, it hasn't come round till now,
But for some reason it's creeping up, somehow.

I saw my parents stuff the pantry with cans of food
(So maybe Wytookie won't eat me if I try to be good?)
They have blankets and flashlights and candles galore,
"You never know what might happen at the store."
I'm beginning to think this Wytookie is everywhere,
But I don't tell my parents, cause they're already scared.

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