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Research Supplements Funded by NIEHS

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Principal investigators holding NIEHS research grants may request supplemental funds for a variety of programs all targeted towards improving the diversity of the research workforce in the U.S. and internationally. Supplement programs are used to offer laboratory experience to a wide array of individuals including high school students, undergraduate students in health-related sciences, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities, scientists re-entering the work force after taking time off for family responsibilities, etc.

Principal investigators at domestic institutions with an active NIEHS research grant, and with a reasonable period of research support (usually 2 years or more) remaining at the time of the supplemental award, are eligible to submit a request to NIEHS for an administrative supplement to the grant. Individuals may receive support under these programs on only one grant at any time, but may be supported by more than one grant during their research careers.

NIEHS also funds administrative supplements to existing grants to meet unforeseen costs not included in the previous competitive or non-competitive application. Special programmatic initiatives may also be funded through administrative supplements to allow researchers to expand into new scientific endeavors or take advantage of emerging technology.

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