Archival Research Catalog (ARC)

New ARC Features

The Archival Research Catalog (ARC) has undergone a significant upgrade. ARC now has a new look and improved navigation tools. These improvements include:

Streamlined Basic Search Screen

  • ARC’s new Basic Search screen has been redesigned to emulate familiar search engines, like Google.
  • A basic search offers a keyword search box with options to search all archival descriptions, those with digital copies, or those related to particular people or organizations.
ARC Basic Search

User Friendly Advanced Search Filters

  • Users can search for all keywords, search for exact phrases, find descriptions with at least one of the keywords, or find descriptions without the keywords. ARC users can search by Title only to reduce the number of irrelevant search results. Collapsible filter options provide a more streamlined view of search options and reduce scrolling.
Advanced Search

Tabular Display

  • Archival descriptions are better organized with separate tabs for physical copy information, shot lists, digital copies, and hierarchy.
  • The tabular display reduces scrolling and makes it easier for users to pinpoint specific information in an archival description.
Tabular Display of an ARC description

Graphical Hierarchy Display

  • Intuitive graphical icons illustrate a Record Group or Collection as a file cabinet, a Series as a drawer in that cabinet, a File Unit as a file folder, and an Item as a page from that folder. 
Hierarchy Display

My List and Email

  • ARC users can save up to 2,000 archival descriptions during an active session in “My List.”
  • Individual or multiple archival descriptions can be printed or emailed to the user or a third party.
My List and Email

Highlight Search Terms

  • A checkbox option highlights the user’s search terms within summary search results and archival descriptions details pages.
Highlight Search Terms in Brief Results View

Search Within

  • ARC users can search within a particular Record Group, Collection, Series, or File Unit.
Search Within Example

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