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Viewing Our Site

The FEMA For Kids Site is designed to work well with most browsers. Any version of Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer above 1.0. The games on the site, however require a Java enabled browser. The browers that work the best are:

Netscape Communicator | Microsoft Internet Explorer

Make sure that Java is enabled through your Web browser's configuration options.

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Navigating through Our Site

The FEMA For Kids Site contains text and graphic links. It is recommended you begin with the "About FEMA" section. After completing the "About FEMA" section you should then move on to the "Main Icons" page. Clicking on the "Tornado" at any time will bring you to the main icons page. Once you are at the "Main Icons" page, you should begin with the "Becoming a Disaster Action Kid" section. After completing each section you should go back to the "Main Icons" page (click on the "Tornado") and move on the next section.

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Extra Software

Special features of the FEMA For Kids Site require special software. In order to listen to any of the audio files on the site, Real Audio Player is required. Download Real Audio Player. Real Player Icon

We also have certain files that are stored in PDF (Adobe PDF Icon) format. These files require that your machine have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.Get Adobe Acrobat

If there are any problems using our site please email us!

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