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In n many areas of the country, winters bring heavy snowfall and very cold temperatures. Heavy snow can block roads and cause power lines to fall down. The cold temperatures can be dangerous if you are not dressed correctly.

Important Terms:

Freezing rain: Rain that freezes when it hits the ground, creating a coating of ice on roads and walkways.

Sleet: Rain that turns to ice pellets before reaching the ground. Sleet also causes roads to freeze and become slippery.

Winter Weather Advisory: Cold, ice and snow are expected.

Winter Storm Watch: Severe weather such as heavy snow or ice is possible in the next day or two.

Winter Storm Warning: Severe winter conditions have begun or will begin very soon.

Blizzard Warning: Heavy snow and strong winds will produce a blinding snow, near zero visibility, deep drifts and life-threatening wind chill.

Frost/Freeze Warning: Below freezing temperatures are expected.

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