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Are you working on a report? Looking for a specific homework answer? Here are 15 of the most often asked homework questions and a link to each answer.

  1. How are hurricanes named?
  2. What are the hurricane names picked for this year?
  3. What is a tornado?
  4. What are the scales for measuring tornadoes and hurricanes?
  5. Where can I find disaster photos for my report?
  6. What areas of the U.S. are at risk for earthquakes?
  7. Where can I find video of tornadoes?
  8. How can I order FEMA publications?
  9. What other Web sites have disaster information?
  10. What is a good Web site for hurricane and weather information?
  11. What is a good site for earthquake information?
  12. How do I find out what disasters can happen in my state?
  13. Where can I find out more about FEMA?
  14. What do I need to have in a family disaster kit?
  15. Where can I find information about fire safety?
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