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NHLBI Website Redesign


Show them the castle.

When Walt Disney planned the Magic Kingdom in Florida, he told the construction team to "build the castle first." It was Disney's belief that the castle would serve as a constant reminder of the team's overall vision for the park.

We here at the NHLBI had a big idea and created our own 'castle' for the new NHLBI website. The new site revolves around the idea that 'finding answers should be simple.' A fresh, clean visual brand brings a higher level of consistency to the Institute and, in turn, allows us to communicate our message more effectively.


  • The Disease & Conditions Index (our most trafficked website) Search box appears right on the homepage - so finding your answers is faster and easier
  • We removed the clutter and left you with a cleaner look
  • A new banner on the homepage highlights important public health initiatives and newsworthy events
  • We have begun a larger initiative to continue to make improvements to the site to better serve the public

We welcome any feedback you have about the new website. Please e-mail NHLBI with any comments.

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