Disaster Assistance Directorate

Carlos J. Castillo - Assistant Administrator, Disaster Assistance Directorate


The mission of the Disaster Assistance Directorate is to ensure that individuals and communities affected by disasters of all sizes are able to return to normal function with minimal suffering and disruption of services.  It does this through the following programs:  Individual Assistance, which provides or coordinates emergency housing, financial assistance, and unemployment assistance for individuals, families, farmers and businesses; Public Assistance, which helps states, local communities and certain nonprofit groups restore and rebuild public systems and facilities, as well as with debris removal and emergency protective measures; the Federal Coordinating Officer Program; emergency and disaster declaration processing; and National Response Plan Emergency Support Functions # 14 (Long-Term Community Recovery).  Victims of disaster may register via Inter-Net or telephone to access these programs through a network of National Processing Centers managed by the Disaster Assistance Directorate.

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