Is there a program that communities can participate in to reduce their risk from tsunami?


FEMA supports and promotes NOAA's TsunamiReady Program ( because it includes the same important emergency planning elements that FEMA promotes in all pre-disaster preparedness activities. Currently, there are 11 TsunamiReady communities located in the Pacific Northwest. The criteria for being recognized as a TsunamiReady Community includes establishing an Emergency Operating Center, warning systems, a community preparedness program, identification of their hazard zone, and establishing evacuation routes and safe areas. Also required is the establishment of plans and drills for schools in the hazard zone, by which the community protects its most precious commodity - its children, its hope, and its lifeblood for the future. This kind of planning, preparedness, and mitigation changes the impact that earthquakes and tsunamis have on communities, and results in a community that is safer and more disaster resistant.

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