What Happens After the Inspection?

Within about 10 days of the inspector's visit, FEMA will decide if you qualify for an assistance grant.

If you qualify for a grant

FEMA will send you:
  • a check by mail or deposit it in your bank account.
  • a letter describing how you are to use the money.
You should only use the money given to you as explained in the letter.

If you do not qualify for a grant

You will:
  • receive a letter explaining why you were turned down
  • be given a chance to appeal the decision

You will be informed of your appeal rights in the letter from FEMA. Appeals must be in writing and mailed within 60 days of FEMA’s decision.

If you were referred to the Small Business Administration (SBA)

You will receive a SBA application.
  • You must complete and return the application to be considered for a loan as well as certain types of grant assistance.

SBA representatives are available to help you with the application at local Disaster Recovery Centers.

If the SBA approves you for a loan, they will contact you.

If the SBA finds that you cannot afford a loan, they will automatically refer you to FEMA’s Individual and Household grant program for help and FEMA will contact you.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 04-Apr-2006 12:11:54 EDT