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Jobs for Veterans Act

The Jobs for Veterans Act site provides specific guidance to:

  • State and local workforce areas;
  • Private, national and/or pilot/demonstration operators of employment and training programs funded by the United States Department of Labor; and
  • Other grantees.
This site supplements general guidance published by the Department of Labor (DOL) as Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) # 5-03 dated September 16, 2003. The TEGL provides general instructions applicable to any of the DOL-funded employment and training programs affected by the Jobs for Veterans Act.

This site does not provide information on:

You may have been directed to this site by an Internet search engine or other means. If that is the case and you have questions regarding eligibility, benefits or services for veterans, these types of questions are best answered by the local One-Stop Career Center operating in your community. To find the One-Stop Career Center nearest to you, please click on and follow the prompts, or call our Toll Free Helpline at 1-877-US-2-JOBS (TTY: 1-877-889-5627). The One-Stop Career Center can also help you locate and contact relevant national or pilot/demonstration programs for which you may be eligible. Additionally, you may learn about programs that may be of interest to individual veterans at

Q & A Guidance

The guidance in the form of questions and answers (Qs&As) focuses on how best to implement the Veterans' Priority established by Section 2(a) of the Jobs for Veterans Act, P.L. 107-288 (38 USC 4215 (a)). Basic Qs & As have been developed to clarify how the Job for Veterans Act affects each program. It also provides an opportunity for operators of these programs to submit additional questions.

 Employment and Training Administration Programs

Select the program to view the Qs&As:


As stated above, this site does not provide information on eligibility, benefits or services under the P.L. 107-288 or other veteran benefits which may be of interest to the individual veterans directed to this site by an Internet search engine or other means. Two sites that may help you find this information are:

VETS Resource Connection:
The VETS Resource Connection provides links for information and resources related to employment, reemployment, training, education, and benefits for veterans.

The e-VETS Resource Advisor provides information on a broad range of topics, such as job search tools and tips, employment openings, career assessment, education and training, and benefits and special services available to veterans.

Program Operators may submit additional questions via email to

Created: November 09, 2005