Foundation Membership

Members of the Foundation for the National Archives have an opportunity to develop an understanding and awareness of America’s historical records while supporting the innovative educational programming, activities, and exhibitions of the National Archives Experience, including:

  • Critically acclaimed exhibits like School House to White House and Eyewitness: American Originals from the National Archives, which premiered in the Lawrence F. O’Brien Gallery in Washington, DC and are currently on nationwide tours;
  • Free Family Day programs that offer hands-on activities for kids of all ages; and
  • The Primarily Teaching scholarship program which enables teachers from across the country to learn how to use primary documents when teaching history and civics to our children.

Contributions from members of the Foundation fund programs like these and many others, as we fulfill our mission to educate, enrich, and inspire a deeper appreciation of our country’s rich heritage.

List of National Archives Members

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of those nationwide who have made annual gifts. These gifts are used for many important projects ranging including building the membership program and supporting the exhibitions, educational outreach and programmatic goals of the National Archives Experience.

This list recognizes gifts from February 1, 2007 – February 1, 2008

Individual Members
* Denotes membership in the Young Founders Society

Founder ($1,000 – 2,499)
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Allen
John T. Beaty, Jr. and Anne Mehringer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Beck
Jules Bernstein and Linda Lipsett
Arlene Brown and Eugene Bialek
John Y. Cole, Jr.
David M. Don*
Francis X. O'Donoghue
Marvin and Melanie Pinkert
Walt E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tagliabue
John and Joanne Tucker
Jennifer A. Warren*
Robert F. Williams

Conservator ($750 – 999)
John M. Simmons

Guardian ($500 – 749)
Ms. Suzanne Chevalier
Yaron Dori*
Andrew R. D'Uva*
Julie C. Edison
Ms. Mary M. Evans
Susan Friedgen
Gwendolyn Lohse*
Andrew W. McGhee
Dr. Jane and Fuller Moore
Brian D. Smith*
Thomas W. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Thornell
Sheila E. Vaughan
David O. Williams

Benefactor ($250 – 499)
Mrs. Unalane C. Ablondi-Unalane Foundation
Mary E. Bane
Dana Nielsen and Joel Bertrand
Colonel James M. Compton
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Conrad
Mr. Jonathan Coopersmith
Jan and Roger Corley
Mrs. Yvonne Crumpler
Caitlin Donahue*
Kristin and Eric Dubelier
Donald and Esther Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Groves, Jr.
Bruce Guthrie
Corbin and Pamela Gwaltney
Nancy W. Harding
Colonel Douglas A. Harper
David H. Hugel
Judith K. Jones, M.D.
Kathryn T. Jones
Amy Levine*
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Mayfield
M. Jean McKee
Emily M. McMullin*
Jane McNairn
Edward S. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mills
Martha Newman
Sunjoo Pang
Robert and Margaret Patricelli
Sharon Pavlovsky*
Jann and Robert Perez
William Reynolds
Frank C. Roberts
David W. Robertson
John and Rosemary Ryan
Jim Schuler*
Richard D. Siragusa
Jinney Smith
Paul A. Terry
Melanne and Philip Verveer
Robert W. Wallace

Advocate ($125 – 249)
Robert M. Allen
Thomas J. Schneider and Julie A. Bader
James Bagley
Dale and Jory Barone
Col. (Ret.) Frederick T. Barrett
Carolyn & John Beck
Walter E. Beyer
Paul Brigner*
Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Bruse
Janet Burhans
Thomas P. Byrnes
Pamela Vicchio-Cabral
Lou Ann Cameron
Mr. Oscar Cerna
Milton K. Chamberlain
Larry P. Cooper
Mr. Robert W. Cover, II
Charles J. Covern
Richard O. Davies
Mr. James L. Deegan
Robert M. Doyle
Paul Eisenbacher
Mr. Arnold Engel
Ruel and Lily Eskelsen
Richard Fair
Sarajane Foster
Michelle Gandy
Timothy and Dorothy Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gewirz
Warren H. Greene, Jr.*
Mr. Bentley Gregg
Mildred D. Grissom
Jerry Handfield
Ronald and Martha Hardman
Patricia Hargrove
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hartko
Dr. and Mrs. Merrill M. Hessel
Ted and Susan Hirt
Robert Hopper
L. David Horner
Susan J. Irving
Herschel Kanter
Mark Laatsch
David A. Lamdin
Karry K. LaViolette*
Priscilla R. Linn
Howard P. Lowell
Douglas G. Martz
Frederick W. Mast
Jean Masters
Stefanie R. Mathew
Laura L. McAuliffe
Robert E. McFarland
Thomas and Patricia McGinty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McLaren
Nancy A. Murphy
Katherine D. Ortega
Mr. William H. Osborne, III
Patricia Overmeyer
Dr. Diana B. Carlin Pierron
Kevin and Alice Reilly
Charles R. Reusing
June Robinson
Maureen Ryan*
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Elizabeth Samuels
Clifford L. Sayre, Jr.
Patrick Scannon, M.D.
Daniel P. and Cheryl R. Schell
Alice Schloss
Charley Scott
Kathleen A. Shultz
Mr. Robert P. Stalder
John A. Stevenson and Nancy R. Nelson
Shannon Thibert
Lt. Laura M. Trexler
Ryan Wallach and Shannon Lockwood*
John B. Wells
Audrey J. Wolfinger
Mr. and Mrs. Gerson Yalowitz
Anthony D. Yandoli
Ms. Michelle E. Zager*

Family ($100 – 124)
Mr. and Mrs. Alex K. Adwan
Mr. Jeffrey Archambault
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Baglaneas
Ms. Michelle Baldacci
Ms. Evelyn J. Baldwin
Virginia Banerjee
Stephen and Carol Banks
Louis A. Beach
Ms. Patti J. Beattie
Bill and JoAnn Beck
Ted and Dora Sue Black
The Brams Family
Carolyn and Douglas Brandon*
Shannon and Peter Brigham-Hill*
Hillary and Matthew Brill*
Mr. Jeff Z. Brooker
Michael Burd
Ida Lee Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Chappelle
Dr. Marlene H. Cianci and Dr. Salvatore N. Cianci
George and Patsy Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Claster
Hon. W. F. Clinger
Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis Connor, III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Craig
Captain Victor Delano
John and Audrey Denkler
Ann Denkler and James Dykes*
Bernard G. and Susan A. Dennis
Bill and Inez Dinwoodie
Joe and Peggy DiScipio*
John Duffner
Lance and Kathy Ehmcke
Scott Eichinger and Jason Lott
Alice Evans
Colonel and Mrs. Ronald E. Everett
William Feldman
Dan Felger and Jean Herz
Joseph and Mary Fitzharris
Mr. E. D. Frankhouser
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gilbert
Ellen and Michael Gold
Mrs. Lynn A. Greenwalt
Ann and Donald Hall
Patricia Harris and Richard Green
Franklin A. Hart
Raymond and Marie Hausch
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Heck
Paul N. Herbert
Mr. Andrew Huffman*
Karen Hult and Charles Walcott
Reed and Kathleen Hutner
Mr. Peter Barton Hutt
John F. Jameson
Mr. and Mrs. A. Grima Johnson
Rob A. Johnson
Michael Jones*
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan F. Kammer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kaplin
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Meldon C. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Kitchen
Robert and Kathy Ledig
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Letaw, Jr.
Jason Levine*
Philip R. and Dianne C. Luhmann
Patrice Lyons
Greg and Tammy Mathew
A. A. Mayer
Paul and Lucy McCarthy
McClendon, Jack
Charles G. McCombs, Jr.
Sally and John McInnes
Mr. James J. McSweeney
Mr. Paulo F. Mendes
Mr. Kenneth Minick
Elizabeth Vella Moeller*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Molli
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Morley
Dr. Raymond S. Murakami
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Eugene L. Naegele USA (Ret.)
Nancy Peavy
Robert A. Poogach and Wendy Mellinger
Thomas Poulter, Jr.
Mr. Walter Rex
Ms. Anna Romanski
Paul and Gayle Ropp
Jan M. Rusin
Sakowitz Family
Dr. and Mrs. Alan B. Salisbury
Elizabeth S. Schepps
The Schmitz's
Mr. David Schraut
Ms. Micha Seelye
William J. and Gale L.  Senn
The Annette and Leonard Shapiro Family
Mr. Abraham B. Sickle
Gerry and Ira Siegler
P. Dawn Sikkema
Dale and Margaret Smith
Andree and Dean Smith
W.B. and Rosemary Hernandez Smith
Mr. John D. Sours
Mary Jo Southwick
Sally C. Staley
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Struckman
Mr. John D. Sweeney
Peter and Courtney Thorsson*
Mr. Glenn and Dr. Linda Vandergriff
Lisa Wallender
Mr. John H. Ware, IV
Nancy A. Watson
Andrew Weinstein
Ms. Margaret Whalen
Brian Wilson
James and Dolores Windt
Catherine and Stephen Zavadil

Patron ($60 – 99)
Mr. Hugh T. Adams
Mr. William G. Aiello
Fiona Alexander*
Ms. Carol F. Alford
Ms. Marie B. Allen
Nolan and Susan Altman
Herman Anschuetz
Ms. Nancy J. Anwyll
G. H. Artola
Kevin F. Arundel, Ph.D.
James Assey*
Mr. and Mrs. C. William Autro
Dorothy R. Avery
Jeffrey Axelrad
Mr. Russell K. Axelson, Jr.
Patricia M. Bachman
Henry Bain
A. Cornelius Baker
Richard A. Baker
Jon and Cindi Balson
Ms. Diana L. Banister
Mr. Paul J. Bartek
Andrew Bass
Frank Becker
Mary K. Benson
Jean R. Bentley
Mr. William H. Bergstrom
Malcolm E. Bernhardt
Philip Bigler
Nicki Peak Birch
Christopher Bjornson*
Jeremiah Blackwell, Sr.
Mary C. Blake
William A. Blanpied
William F. Bologna
Colonel Fred L. Borch, III
Peter and Barbara Bouton
Jean Bowles
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell H. Bradford
Mary Brady
Janet Branstetter
Michael D. Bright
Richard and Patti Broad
Barbara Brodie
Mrs. Rosemary H. Buettner
Jean L. Bujak
Mr. Eli R. Burdine
Ms. Michele M. Burnett
Ms. Tina K. Byrd
Ralph J. Calabrese
Artemio A. Caleda
John T. Calkins
Mrs. Nancy E. Campbell
Mr. Dennis Capron
Mr. Mark A. Carey
Stephen J. Carfora
Marie S. Carlson
Ms. Carol Laikin Carpenter
Bradley W. Carroll
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Carter
Brenda Cartier
Philip Cauchard
James M. Cesnik
Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Chandler, Jr.
Mr. Wallace W. Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Marston S. Chase
Ms. Katherine Chowning
Celeste J. Christensen
Ms. Ruth Allingham Clarke
Willow Coberly
Jeff Coen
Michael P. Cohen
Mr. Peter A. Cohn
Mr. Martin F. Collins
Dale S. Collinson
Colonel and Mrs. John P. Connell
Ms. Tula A. Connell
Arlene L. Conner
Mr. Gary Conwell
Dale Cooper
Janet Cooper
William and Judy Corbett
Kim Corthell
Ms. Linda Crawford
Dr. Henry Curry
Douglas Dams
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Danby
Joseph and Alice D'Angelo
Lynn David
Cheryl Day
George T. Desorcy
Vicki DiLeo
Ms. Patricia E. Doyle
Mr. Paul A. Doyle, Jr.
Virginia Mayo-Drane
Kathryn Drexler
Ms. Anne C. Dryden
William H. Duncan, M.D.
Deborah M. Dyer
Everett and Darlene Dyer
Mr. Bert T. Edwards
Peter D. Ehrenhaft
Sam D. Elias
Stephanie K. Eller
Willis I. Else
Charles Emich
Mr. Austin J. Evans
Mr. James Evans
Kathryn Feather
Christopher A. Fedeli*
James M. Fernald
Dr. Bruce G. Fineman
Mr. Dan Fischer
Mr. John Fleckner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fletcher
Jeanne Fogle
John and Carolyn Frasier
Raymond H. Fredette
Thomas Freeman*
John S. Gallagher
Leroy W. Gardner
Philip M. Gbur
Charles Gellert
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Geltner
Linda M. Ghelfi
James Cross Giblin
Dr. Caroline Gillin
Ms. Janelle Giunta
Joe Giza
Jackie Glassman*
Ms. Judith A. Gleichauf
Marcia Goldberg
Sheldon A. Goldberg
Marilyn Goode
Steve and Judy Gorin
Ava Gorkin
Ms. Elizabeth T. Graves
Glen Graves
James F. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon G. Greer
Sharon S. Gressle
Michael Grey
Gary Grippo
Peggy Gross
Ambassador and Mrs. David A. Gross*
Eric Guenther
Carlos A. Guffain
Jerry L. Haag
Mr. O. M. Hackett
William J. Hackett
Andrew J. Hagan
Matthew F. Hagen*
Carolinda Hales
Rob Haley
Roberta Lee Halladay
Jason P.W. Halperin and Rachel Chazin Halperin
Bradley Hamilton
Reverand and Mrs. Harold L. Hand, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hansen
Don Hartline
Donald J. Hartman
Ellie Harvey
Beatriz Haspo
Mr. Diego A. Hernandez
James D. Hicks
Martin and Margaret Hoffmann
Mr. Tom Hohenthaner
Wilma Hommel
Kelly Hood
William F. Horan
Lynne and Ted Horn
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Horton, Jr.
Kathleen Hosking
Joseph W. Howe
Maxine Huff
Ms. Alicia L. Hughes
Captain T. Q. Hutchinson
Colonel Christine L. Ingel, USA, Retired
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Ioffredo
Jerome H. Jaffe, M.D.
Eric Jarvis
Esther Adelaide Jerald
Charles D. Joesten
Colonel Erik G. Johnson, USA, Retired
Sherry and Gunnar Johnson
Stephen T. Johnson
Deborah L. Johnston
Mr. Harry M. Jones
Reverend and Mrs. Kenneth S. Jones
Rachel L. Jones
R. Louise Anderson-Juergens
Nancy and Omar Kader
Barbara F. Kahlow
Ambassador and Mrs. Max M. Kampelman
Rochelle S. Kaplan
Ms. Gale D. Kaufmann
Dr. Karen L. Kettering*
Mr. Wallace Kile
Dr. Raymond E. King
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Kissam
Mary E. Klein
J. David Kluck
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kolakowski
R. M. Kraft
Kenneth A. Krantz
Mr. Mark E. Krawczyk
Hazel F. Kreinheder
Ken I. Krell
Karen R. Kroll
Harold B. Krom
Susan G. Krumhaus
Ms. Mary Kuckewich
Raoul Kulberg
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Laframboise
Mrs. Esther T. Laidig
Elizabeth Landen
Walt Landen, Sr.
William C. Lange
Aimee and Mark Larrabee
John M. Lawlor, Jr.
Ms. Patricia M. Lawrence
Laurence Lebowitz
Major Kurt Lee, USMC
Elaine O. Leventhal
Mr. Joseph W. Lewis
Mr. Victor Lim
Ms. Susanne D. Lind
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Linn
George T. Little
Mrs. Harry R. Locke
Elizabeth Loucheur*
Roye L. Lowry
Senator and Mrs. Richard G. Lugar
Catherine Maloney
Timothy P. Manley
Mr. Michael F. Manning
Pamela Maraziti
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Marburger, III
Michael and Carol Martinka
David C. Marx
Jerlyn Mask
Aaron D. Maslow
Nancy Masterson
Sandra and Raymond Mathis
Thomas J. Maxwell
Dr. H. Berton McCauley
Ernest R. McCluskey, III
Rodney McDaniel
Frank J. Marine and Linda James McKay
David McKee
Ms. Barbara A. McNamara
Ms. Katrina Meals
Drs. A. Louis and Julia A. Medin
Emerson Melaven
William J. Memmer
Ellen Merritt
Robert Mihara
Ms. Kathy A. Milholland
The Millane Family
Mr. Charles F. Miller
Dr. Jeanne-Marie A. Miller
Kristie Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Miller
William E. Miller, Jr.
Mr. Terry Miller*
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Milnes
Rose Mitchell
Chi Mo
Jonathan W. Montgomery
Paula K. Montgomery
Larry T. Moore
Robert Moorlach
Firth Morris
Mr. Michael F. Morrissey
Anthony and Sara Morrow
John and Susan Moseman
Ms. Nancy J. Moser
Milo M. Moyano
Bruce K. Mulock
Neil and Diane Murphy
Kaitlyn Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Murray
Allen Myers
Theodore A. Nagy
Jeffrey N. Nelson
Mr. Duane S. Netzly
Mrs. Bernetta Newcastle
Melissa Newman*
Mr. John H. Nolan
Raymond V. O'Connor, Jr.
Mr. Takashi Oka
Jim Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Olsen
Betty Oswald
David A. and Charlotte L. Owens
Mr. Gary Parker
Susan L. Paul
Scott Pedersen
Marjorie A. Perez
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Pheil
Bruce Piasecki and Andrea Masters
Ms. Thelma B. Player
Beverly Fearn Porter
Mrs. Grace L. Potts
Joseph Powers
Alfred Coxe Prime
Col. John F. Prout (Ret)
Richard J. Rapaport
Erich P. Rapp
Mr. Waldo F. Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Luis C. Ratinoff
Joan B. Rattermann
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Raymond
Francis J. Readdy
Theresa Greene Reed, M. D.
Peggy Reeves
Clyde Relick
Richard A. Rhoden
Ms. Carol H. Rice
Mr. Kenneth J. Richards
Mr. Randolph E. Richardson
Frederick M. Riekert
Thalia C. Roland
James. J. Rosolanka
Mr. Douglas Ross
Mr. Eugene T. Rossides
Ms. Bonnie G. Rowan
Tim and Marcella Ruland
Emily Rupp
Ms. Joan C. Sanders
Mr. Walter B. Sanderson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thorndike Saville, Jr.
William W. Scales
Vivian L. Schafer
Mr. Scott Schless
Stephanie Schmelz
Rhonda Schmidtlein*
Ann Imlah Schneider
Timothy J. Schoepke
Mark Howard Schulze
Beverly Scott
Barbara Ann Shannon
Virginia Fitz Shea
Susan P. Shepard
David Shinn
Nancy L. Silvers
William Scott Sims
Glenn S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Smith, III
Mr. Robert Solomon
Dr. Luther B. Sowers
Catherine L. Spence
Judith St. George
Roland F. Stead
Tim Stephens
Jerry W. Stewart
Selma E. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Tim H. Storey
L. Nan Stout
Mr. & Mrs. Mervin K. Strickler, Jr.
Cliff Stromberg
Javis A. Strong, Jr.
James R. Stultz
Anne Sturtz
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stylianos
Mr. Anbarasan Subbaya
Mr. Richard V. Sullivan
Judith M. Swan
C. Gary Sydow
Mr. Armen Tashdinian
Mr. David C. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Taylor
John L. Taylor
Duncan E. Tebow
Bradley S. Thomas
D. Thomas
MSgt. Matthew C. and Linda Thompson
Pauline Thompson
Mr. John L. Thorndike
Mrs. R. Carmichael Tilghman
Ms. Peggy Trall
Bryan Tramont*
William E. Trible
Anne S. K. Turkos
Jean Turrentine
Ms. Ingrid A. Tuuling
Ms. LaNae Twite
Mr. Michael E. Unsworth
Dr. Joseph E. Urban
Wayne H. Valis
Ms. Sylvia D. Valloric
Gregory B. Van Tuyle
Mrs. Patricia G. VanDemark
Wouter K. Vanderwal
Ms. Sherri L. Vervack
Todd Vradenburg
Michael Walker
Dr. Paul K. Walker
Georgine Wallace
Sandra Faye Walters
Ed Weber
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Weber
Karen E. Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Weidman
Isabelle K. Wells
Jack D. Welsh, M. D.
Mrs. Sherry M. Welter
Mary Jane Whalen
Carolyn D. Whipple
Stephen White
Willis H. White
Joseph W. Whitford, V
Mr. Allen Whitlock
Margaret Whitmer
Rose Marie Wilcox
Mr. William D. Wilke
Glenn F. Williams
Katie Wilmes
Candace Wilmot
Mr. James R. Wilson
Elias Wolfberg*
Jay and Susan Wolfe
Capt. Leland E. Wood, Jr. USN (Ret.)
Mr. Thomas M. Woods
Lawrence W. Woodward
Ms. Phyllis C. Wright
Dave and Carole Yoho
Patricia A. Young
Mr. Alan R. Yuspeh
Neal Zimmerman
Christos Zirps

Donor ($1 – 59)
Richard A. Ahrens
Per Bang-Jensen
Toby F. Berman
Mr. Edward Boshears
Margaret P. Brigidini
Mr. Benjamin Burgess
Jacqueline Campos
Mr. Sal J. Carbone
Lt. Col. James DeVage USA (Ret.)
Sylvan Morris Dubow
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Dumond
Michael L. Fay
Herbert Federhen
Dr. and Mrs. Eliot Folickman
Ms. Catherine Greve
Carlyn Halde
Mrs. Grace I. Hammesfahr
Linda and Jay Herson
Ms. Julia O. Hope
Mr. Edwin L. Howard
Melinda Hungerman
Rahul Jain
Mr. Edward Junk
Ms. Maurine A. Kirkpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lay
Reuben Lev
Ms. Lauren Liebrecht
Mr. Donald Lombard
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Loudon
Mrs. Ramsey E. McNeil
Mr. Thomas I. Miller
Jo-Ann Neuhaus
Mr. Walter R. O'Neil
William L. O'Neill
Patrick W. Oreilly
Sarah M. Penner
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Richards
Mr. David A. Richards
In Memory of Helen Rogers
Joanne C. Rosso
Joel Shield
Dr. Norma Vaglio-Laurin
Mrs. William D. Van Hoven

Donors to “Discovering the Civil War” at the National Archives
Susan Claffey
Bernard G. and Susan A. Dennis
Tom and Beverly Lowry
Jacqueline Lussier
Stefanie R. Mathew

Every effort has been made to recognize donors accurately, however sometimes mistakes do occur and we apologize if you are listed incorrectly. If you would like to make a change in how you are recognized, please contact the Membership Office at 202.357.5946 or