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Application Technical Assistance

FESC CA Program

  • Application Available: June 1, 2007
  • Due: July 2, 2007
  • Grant Funding Start: September 1, 2007
  • http://www.grants.gov

Applicant Information

  • Rural Headquarters (rural county or eligible ZIP Code in urban county)
  • Lead applicant: Non-Profit Designation
  • Consortium: three or more separately owned organizations that provide health care, health related services and/or social services
  • At least one consortium member is an operational clinic or hospital that is at least 75 miles from the nearest acute care or critical access hospital and/or is inaccessible by public road
  • Category One- Demonstration of support from State
  • Cost sharing- not required, but considered

Pre-Application Homework

  • Identify Current use of FESC-like models
  • Enlist Consortium Partners
  • Research Existing Health Care Delivery System in Frontier Areas
  • Develop Strategies for Implementation of FESCs
  • Start Planning

Application Guidance

  • Part I- Overview and Summary info about program
  • Part III- Eligibility Information
  • Part IV- Directions for completing the application
  • Part V- Review criteria

Review Criteria- Need (20 points)

  • Understanding of Frontier Health Care Delivery
  • Understanding of FESC model and issues
  • Experience with extended care in remote frontier settings

Review Criteria- Response (25 Points)

  • Use of established FESC activities, evaluation, and protocols
  • Development of project timeline and well designed plan
  • Inclusion of HIT and quality activities
  • Provision of TA for CMS FESC Demonstration

Review Criteria- Evaluative Measures (15 Points)

  • Effectiveness of proposal to monitor and evaluate project
  • Compatibility with established evaluation model

Review Criteria- Impact (15 points)

  • Dissemination Plan
  • Commitment to project beyond one-year
  • Replicability

Review Criteria- Resources (20 points)

  • Applicant agency's structure
  • Staffing
  • Physical resources
  • Cost sharing

Review Criteria- Support Req. (5 points)

  • Appropriate funding level
  • Detailed budget and justification
  • Reasonable cost estimates

Review Process

  • Applications will be reviewed by an Objective Review Committee of non-Federal experts.
  • To become a reviewer go to https://grants.hrsa.gov/webReview/
  • Final decisions will be made by Director of ORHP taking into account program intent, geographic distribution, agency-level priorities, etc.

Putting It Together

  • Always follow ORHP's instructions found in the Program Guide when completing all Application Forms
  • When Assembling follow order as indicated in the guidance
  • Do not staple or bind - use binder clip or band

Common Problems

  • Content
    • Instructions not followed
    • Abstract: not a good summary (1 page)
    • Goals & Objectives not specific or measurable
    • Disorganized, concept is fuzzy - unclear
    • Unrealistic - overly ambitious
    • Too many words
    • Budget justification is absent or weak

Fatal Flaws

  • County name and ZIP Code are NOT on form PHS-424, Block 5
  • Proof of non-profit status - IRS letter or equivalent not included
  • More than 80 pages
  • Postmarked past the due date

Need Further Help?

For Programmatic Questions
Carrie Cochran

Need Further Help?

For Budget and Financial Questions
Carolyn Cobb, Grants Management Specialist


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