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Measles Strain Banks
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Measles Strain Banks

In order to maintain reference stocks of viruses and provide facilities capable of conducting viral sequencing, two global Measles Strain Banks have been established. The Measles Virus Section laboratory of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL) in London, UK, were selected to serve this purpose.

Upon request, viral sequencing and analysis can be provided for measles virus characterization as well as storage of viral strains.

Laboratorians are requested to consult with the CDC Measles Strain bank before reporting a new measles genotype. To report a possible new genotype of measles, contact


Dr. William J. Bellini, Chief
Measles Virus Section, C-22
1600 Clifton Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30333

Tel: 404-639-3512
FAX: 404-639-4187

Dr. David Brown, Director
Enteric and Neurological Virus
Laboratory, CPHL
61 Colindale Avenue London

Tel: 44(0)20-8200 4400
FAX: 44(0)20-8205 8195

Other sources of information for Measles surveillance
item Pan American Health Organization

Central Public Health Laboratory, UK

item Canada: Laboratory Centre for Disease Control
item Chile: Surveillance
item World Health Organization
Measles Initiative
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