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August 2008 BHPr Performance Management System

New Enhancements – External Users (Project Directors / Grantee Users)  

BHPr is pleased to announce the August 2008 release of the improved Bureau of Health Professions Performance Management System.

New Features!!

Each table is based on pre-determined information and therefore will only include the rows and columns which are relevant to that particular program.


Single data collection period for the progress report.

  • data collection period is the latest completed academic year  (July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008).

Final year Progress reporting requirements have been eliminated

  • exceptions are no-cost extension over 6 months and successful competing   continuation applications.

Legislatively Required Data tables have been revised to facilitate capturing data for Formative Education and Pre-professional Training separately.

New data validation rules have been implemented to help the grantees submit accurate data.

Online help and video training have been revised to reflect the new features and enhancements.


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