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As part of National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) mission to ensure ready access to essential evidence that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of Federal officials, and the national experience, we partner with stakeholders to ensure that:

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  • Federal agencies can economically and effectively create and manage records necessary to meet business needs;
  • Records are kept long enough to protect rights and assure accountability; and
  • Records of archival value are preserved and made available for future generations.

To achieve our goals, NARA's Strategic Plan calls for a redesign of Federal records management, including a change in Federal records policies and procedures. NARA has developed updated records management courses designed to meet the changing Federal recordkeeping environment.

NARA's National Records Management Training program is now supported by a learning management system (LMS). Course listings, search capability, registration, and payment will all be handled online. (Access to this site requires the use of Internet Explorer)

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