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Fiscal Year 2009 Performance Appendix


HRSA's Online Performance Appendix presents information on past and projected performance in carrying out its mission of providing the national leadership, resources and services necessary to improve access to comprehensive culturally competent, quality health care. For each HRSA program activity, tables are provided that present key program performance measures, performance targets and actual performance results. The tables are followed by a discussion of trends and most recent results for each performance measure. For those measures where performance targets were exceeded or not met to a material degree, an expanded analysis is provided in a section on "Targets Substantially Exceeded or Not Met"; The performance tables also show the linkage between a program's performance measures and HRSA's strategic objectives, indicating the close alignment of performance expectations and results with HRSA's mission and priorities.

The performance tables categorize measures by whether they are outcome or output measures.
While emphasizing outcome measures in its performance management, HRSA continues to monitor selected process and output measures that are also important for gauging the adequacy of program performance. HRSA, in conjunction with its partners and stakeholders, continues to work on improving the collection, analysis and reporting of timely and accurate performance data and using these data to inform decision making.

The Online Performance Appendix is one of several documents that fulfill the Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS') performance planning and reporting requirements. HHS achieves full compliance with the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 and Office of Management and Budget Circulars A-11 and A-136 through HHS agencies’ FY 2009 Congressional Justifications and Online Performance Appendices, the Agency Financial Report and the HHS Performance Highlights. These documents can be found at: HHS Budget and HHS Agency Financial Report

The Performance Highlights briefly summarizes key past and planned performance and financial information. The Agency Financial Report provides fiscal and high-level performance results. The FY 2009 Department’s Congressional Justifications fully integrate HHS’ FY 2007 Annual Performance Report and FY 2009 Annual Performance Plan into its various volumes. The Congressional Justifications are supplemented by the Online Performance Appendices. Where the Justifications focus on key performance measures and summarize program results, the Appendices provide performance information that is more detailed for all HHS measures.

The HRSA Congressional Justification and Online Performance Appendix can be found at HRSA FY 09 Budget Justification.