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NOAA Research Programs

As the primary research and development organization within NOAA, NOAA Research explores the Earth and atmosphere from the surface of the sun to the depths of the ocean. We conduct research in three major areas: weather and air quality, climate, and ocean and coastal resources.

Our role within NOAA is to provide products and services that describe and predict changes in the environment. Research results allow decision makers to make effective judgments in order to prevent the loss of human life and conserve and manage natural resources while maintaining a strong economy.

The primary components of NOAA Research are:

NOAA Research also administers collaborative long-term partnerships between NOAA and participating universities and other non-profit institutions. These mutually beneficial partnerships include 13 Cooperative Research Institutes affiliated with the NOAA Research Laboratories, 30 Sea Grant Programs coordinated under the National Sea Grant College Program, and 6 regional Undersea Research Centers directed by the NOAA Undersea Research Program.

The Assistant Administrator of NOAA Research oversees these additional programs:



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