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Frequently Asked Questions for Public Health Training Website

1.      Who qualifies for public health training opportunities? 

Students, academics, and public health professionals are eligible to apply for public health training opportunities.

2.      How do I apply for public health training opportunities?

No central application process exists for the opportunities presented on the Public Health Training Opportunities website.  Each opportunity listed under a topic links to additional information on eligibility criteria, the application process, and specific program contact information.  

3.      Can I submit my resume by email?

Because no central application process exists for the different training opportunities, unsolicited resumes are not accepted and will not be reviewed, with one exception, the Health Communications/Intern Fellow Program.  If you are specifically interested in the Health Communications/Intern Fellow Program, you may submit your resume.  It will be forwarded to the CDC Office of Communications for consideration.

4.      How can I find information about summer intern positions?

       Summer internship opportunities throughout the federal government are located at http://www.studentjobs.gov/.

5.      Does CDC offer academic or career counseling?

Unfortunately, because of the volume of requests received by CDC, we cannot respond to requests for individualized career or academic counseling.  Interested persons should review the training opportunities and links for additional information under a specific topic of interest (for example, epidemiology, laboratory research, or policy) to determine which program best matches their interests and qualifications.

6.      How do I apply for a job at CDC?

We appreciate your interest in a career at CDC/ASTDR. To obtain information and to apply for job vacancies through the HHS Careers online application website, visit http://jobsearch.usajobs.gov/a9cdc.asp.

Thank you for visiting the Public Health Training Opportunities website. 

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Page last modified: May 21, 2008
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