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International Experience & Technical Assistance Program


The International Experience and Technical Assistance (IETA) Program is coordinated by the Coordinating Office for Global Health, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. IETA is a developmental training program for Federal public health employees. The CDC continues to act as a source of international technical assistance, and is increasing its role in the direct provision of global prevention and prevention research programs.  The IETA program, established in 1997 to increase the number of CDC staff with international training and experience, has grown and is currently recruiting thirty-five participants for the eleventh training cohort: 28 CDC employees, and 7employees from other public health service agencies. Participants are sought from throughout the CDC and from Federal Public Health Service (PHS) agencies. IETA combines classroom training with field experience offering qualified public health professionals the opportunity to enhance their skills and apply them in an international public health setting.

Informational sessions are currently being held at various locations and the power point presentation being used for these sessions can be accessed here.

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