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Map Legend

Region Name   Number of Studies
World   [map]   66919
North America 40230
United States 37270   [studies]
Alabama 3440   [studies]
Alaska 224   [studies]
Arizona 3452   [studies]
Arkansas 1851   [studies]
California 10465   [studies]
Colorado 3568   [studies]
Connecticut 2649   [studies]
Delaware 880   [studies]
District of Columbia 2368   [studies]
Florida 6875   [studies]
Georgia 4380   [studies]
Hawaii 863   [studies]
Idaho 806   [studies]
Illinois 6168   [studies]
Indiana 3642   [studies]
Iowa 2030   [studies]
Kansas 2259   [studies]
Kentucky 2403   [studies]
Louisiana 2742   [studies]
Maine 769   [studies]
Maryland 7279   [studies]
Massachusetts 6001   [studies]
Michigan 4652   [studies]
Minnesota 3929   [studies]
Mississippi 1188   [studies]
Missouri 4498   [studies]
Montana 971   [studies]
Nebraska 2110   [studies]
Nevada 1521   [studies]
New Hampshire 916   [studies]
New Jersey 3998   [studies]
New Mexico 1287   [studies]
New York 9177   [studies]
North Carolina 5936   [studies]
North Dakota 899   [studies]
Ohio 6474   [studies]
Oklahoma 2317   [studies]
Oregon 2897   [studies]
Pennsylvania 7188   [studies]
Rhode Island 1463   [studies]
South Carolina 3186   [studies]
South Dakota 752   [studies]
Tennessee 4166   [studies]
Texas 8874   [studies]
Utah 2066   [studies]
Vermont 947   [studies]
Virginia 3597   [studies]
Washington 4243   [studies]
West Virginia 841   [studies]
Wisconsin 2931   [studies]
Wyoming 218   [studies]

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Studies with no locations are not included in the counts or on the map.

Studies with multiple locations are included in each region containing locations.