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Help - Address
What is the difference between physical address and mailing address?
Physical address describes the actual location of an entity in the form of a street address. It cannot be described in terms of a PO Box or Rural Route address.

Mailing address consists of information on the basis of which correspondence can be forwarded and delivered to an addressee. It can be described in terms of either a street address, PO Box or Rural Route type of address.

If your physical and mailing addresses are identical, you do not have to provide your mailing address.
What is standardization of address?
We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) database to determine the 9-digit zip code, congressional district, and county. In addition, the street address and the city name is also standardized to use the preferred names from the USPS database.

When you enter the address and continue, you will be presented with a standardized version of the address and the address that you entered.
What are the required fields while entering an address?
  1. For physical address the following fields are required:
    • Street line consisting of number and street name
    • City, State and 9 digit Zip code
  2. For mailing address the following fields are required:
    • Street line consisting of number and street name or PO box or Rural route information
    • City, State and 9 digit Zip code
Tips for entering the address information
  1. Enter the first line consisting of either the street information or PO Box or Rural Route.
  2. Enter the city-state combination or the 9-digit zip code. If you do not know your 9 digit zip code, enter the city-state or use the link to the USPS website to find out your 9-digit zip code.
  3. On the confirmation screen verify the standardized address. If you want you can edit your address information to assist in a better match if you do not agree with the standardization. Otherwise you can choose to use the address as entered by you.
The address entered by me cannot be standardized by the system. Why?
It is possible that the address entered by you does not exist in the USPS database. The USPS database for addresses is periodically updated with several new entries every two months. If your address cannot be standardized within our system we recommend that you verify your address on the USPS website using the link provided. If the USPS website is able to match your address, enter the address in this system and choose to save the address entered by yourself on the confirmation screen.