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Report to Nation Finds Declines in Cancer Incidence, Death Rates

Cancer Trends Progress Report: 2007 Update

Cancer Statistics Review, 1975-2005

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Glossary of Statistical Terms
Defines common statistical terms, NCI terminology, and the five key statistical measures of cancer: incidence, mortality, survival, prevalence, and lifetime risk. NCI monitors these cancer statistics to assess progress and to identify population subgroups and geographic areas in which cancer control efforts need to be concentrated.

Understanding Prognosis and Cancer Statistics: Questions and Answers
A fact sheet about the importance of predicting disease outcome and recovery, and how statistics are used to estimate prognosis. National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet 8.2

Methods for Population-Based Cancer Statistics
The Statistical Research and Applications Branch has developed new statistical methods and associated software tools for the analysis and reporting of cancer statistics.

Methods for Measuring Cancer Disparities: A Review Using Data Relevant to Healthy People 2010 Cancer-Related Objectives
Healthy People 2010 has two overarching goals: to increase the span of healthy life and to eliminate health disparities across the categories of gender, race or ethnicity, education or income, disability, geographic location, and sexual orientation. This report raises some conceptual issues and reviews different methodological approaches germane to measuring progress toward the goal of eliminating cancer-related health disparities.

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