Recruitment Status

Also known as Enrollment Status.

Not all clinical trials in this database are accepting new participants. If you are looking for studies that are currently recruiting participants, will be recruiting in the future, or are about drugs that are available for expanded access, select Open Studies in the recruitment menu.

If you are interested in all trials, whether they are recruiting new participants or not, leave the menu with All Studies selected.

Trials may not be recruiting because they are full, completed, or halted for various reasons. In addition, some trials have very restrictive eligibility requirements and must seek participants by invitation only. To see these studies, Select Closed Studies in the recruitment menu.

Full list of all possible recruitment status values:

Open recruitment status values:

Not yet recruiting, or
Available for expanded access.

Closed recruitment status values:

Active, not recruiting,
Enrolling by invitation,
Temporarily not available for expanded access,
No longer available for expanded access, or
Approved for marketing.

Values are color coded (as shown) in the search results.