Office of the Chief Information Officer &
High Performance Computing and Communications

IT Operations Office

IT Operations Office provides selected NOAA-wide operational services through the development and operation of NOAA network and electronic mail technical management centers and NOAA enterprise-wide Internet servers. The Office oversees the operation of NOAA Internet Web servers, including their configuration so as to provide the best possible support for users at minimum cost and the establishment and operation of mirror servers that help assure good performance and availability to users. This oversight is carried out through coordination with NOAA Line and Staff Offices, direct operation of servers, and through coordination of arrangements for use of non-NOAA servers to host NOAA Web sites. The Office manages selected NOAA-wide networks, telecommunications services, and network-enabled services, including electronic mail and directory services and NOAA-wide inter-regional network management, such as setup of routing protocols and parameters and operation of NOAA's Internet Domain Name Service. The Office manages NOAA-wide telecommunications services, such as the FTS2001 and WITS, telecommunications support for NOAA for the Washington Metropolitan Area, and coordination of telecommunications and networking operations across all of NOAA.