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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
 Indian Preference
The Indian Health Service is required by law to provide absolute preference to American Indians/Alaska Natives who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe as defined by the Secretary of the Interior.
 Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF - 42KB) Microsoft Word Document (DOC - 49KB)
 Application Instructions for PHS Commissioned Corps Candidates
Selection for this position will be in accordance with the Indian Preference policies of the Indian Health Service. Officer applicants who wish to receive Indian preference...
 Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF - 26KB) Microsoft Word Document (DOC - 27KB)
 Which Plan Should I Select?
To assist you in selecting which hiring plan fits here are some brief descriptions.
 Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF - 85KB) Microsoft Word Document (DOC - 31KB)
 Supporting Documentation
What should I send in to the Servicing Personnel Office? 1. Resume, 2. Indian Preferance...
 Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF - 11KB) Microsoft Word Document (DOC - 21KB)
All current IHS Jobs available to the Public from USAJOBS.GOV
Below you may obtain the following forms: OF-510: Applying for a Federal Job; OF-612: Optional Application for Federal Employment; the OF-306: Declaration for Federal Employment; the Addendum to Declaration for Federal Employment (Application Questionnaire for Child Care Positions Form).
Download the OF-510 Form:
Applying for a Federal Job OF-510 Form   Download the OF-612 Form:
Optional Application for Federal Employment OF-612 Form
Download the OF-306 Form:
Declaration for Federal Employment OF-306 Form   Download the OF-306 Form:
Addendum to Declaration for Federal Employment OF-306 Form (Addendum)