Office of the Chief Information Officer &
High Performance Computing and Communications

IT Budgeting

The NOAA Chief Information Officer (CIO) provides guidance for NOAA’s effective use and management of IT resources.  The CIO places a high priority on the full and appropriate use of information technology throughout the NOAA Line and Staff Offices, and encourages the CIO of each to communicate the same priority throughout their organization. 

The NOAA CIO Council advances the management and utilization of information technology (IT) to achieve NOAA mission goals and objectives.  The CIO Council accomplishes this by establishing enterprise wide IT policies, procedures, standards, and practices.  Best practices promulgated by DOC, OMB, and the Federal CIO Council are coordinated and integrated by the Council.  In addition, the CIO Council oversees NOAA wide IT projects and operations which are funded via organizational cost distribution and other projects as tasked by the NOAA CIO, or NOAA management.  The Council approves and prioritizes the NOAA OCIO budget including projects and services supported by NOAA corporate funds.

Budget Formulation Documents and Guidance:

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