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Q & A About ANTARCTICA -- A NOAA Research response to school children in Pennsylvania

Education resources

General Information


Children board the schoolbus after touring one of NOAA's research laboratories

Visits to research facilities provide new learning experiences and often stimulate an interest in a science career. Contact any of NOAA's Research Programs for more information.


Climate Information


Physical processes contribute to climate change

Climate researchers agree there is much that we know but many things we don't know about the causes of climate change.


Ocean and Great Lakes Information


Teacher at Sea Jennifer Richards stands in front of buoys

EPIC Teacher at Sea Jennifer Richards helped deploy a buoy while she participated in an interactive teaching and learning experience aboard ship.


Weather and Air Quality Information


A senior scientist explains the theory behind his soda bottle experiment to middle school students during a live Web interview.

Researchers hope that stimulating a student's interest early will steer them towards a career in the atmospheric sciences.

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an 18 minute overview of NOAA Research

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Part 1: Introduction (2:16)
Part 2: Weather and Forecasting (4:23)
Part 3: Climate (4:16)
Part 4: Air Quality (1:02)
Part 5: Oceans and Coasts (6:14)