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The Health Center Program: Uniform Data System (UDS) Training


Co-Hosted UDS 2008-09 Training Conferences Available for State and Regional PCAs

Region PCA Location of Training Dates Contact Person Contact phone number: Ext. Contact e-mail address:
  City: State: Day One Day Two        
V Indiana Primary Health Care Association Indianapolis IN 11/06/2008 11/07/2008 Stephanie Suddeth 317-630-0845 112
III West Virginia Primary Care Association Charleston WV 11/6/2008 11/7/2008 Pam Moore 304-346-0032
VII Missouri Primary Care Association Kansas City MO 11/13/2008 11/14/2008 Janice Pirner 573-636-4222
III Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers Harrisburg PA 11/17/2008 11/18/2008 Cindi Christ 717-761-6443 204
I Bi-State Primary Care Association White River Junction VT 11/19/2008 11/20/2008 Kate Simmons 802-229-0002 217
VI New Mexico Primary Care Association Albuquerque NM 11/20/2008 11/21/2008 Erica E. Lucero 505-880-8882 6973
VIII Colorado Community Health Center Denver CO 11/21/2008   Suzanne Smith 303-861-5165 234
VI Oklahoma Primary Care Association Oklahoma City OK 11/24/2008 11/25/2008 Marilyn Shelton, Director of Finance & Development 405-424-2282 109
VIII Wyoming Primary Care Association Casper WY 12/01/2008 12/02/2008 Donna Andersen 307-632-5743 11
II New Jersey Primary Care Association Hamilton NJ 12/02/2008   Selina Haq, Ph.D. 609-689-9930 27
VI Texas Association of Community Health Centers Irving TX 12/04/2008 12/05/2008 Jana Blasi 512.329.5959
IX California Primary Care Association - Sacramento Sacramento CA 12/4/2008 12/5/2008 Erin Perry 916-440-8170 214
IV Tennessee Primary Care Association Brentwood TN 12/04/2008 12/05/2008 Tammy Barker/Jane Jumbelick 615-329-3836 13
IX Hawaii Primary Care Association Honolulu HI 12/08/2008 12/09/2008 Matthew Nagato 808-791-7835 -
Community Health Center Association of Connecticut Newington CT 12/08/2008 12/09/2008 Scott Selig 860-667-7832
Kentucky Primary Care Association Lexington KY 12/08/2008 12/09/2008 Karen C. Jones 502-227-4379 13
V Minnesota Association of Community Health Centers Minneapolis MN 12/10/2008 12/11/2008 Rhonda Degelau 612-253-4715 15
X Northwest Regional Primary Care Association Vancouver WA 12/11/2008 12/12/2008 Karen Stanfield 206-783-3004 22
I Maine Primary Care Association Augusta ME 12/11/2008 12/12/2008 Daniel Washburn 207-621-0677 211
IX California Primary Care Association - Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 12/15/2008 12/16/2008 Erin Perry 916-440-8170 214
VIII Community Health Care Association of the Dakotas Bismark ND 12/15/2008 12/16/2008 Melissa Craig 701-221-9824
V Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association Madison WI 12/18/2008 12/19/2008 Bev Willer 608-277-7477
VIII Montana Primary Care Association Helena MT 1/6/2009 1/7/2009 Shawna Morse 406-442-2750
III DC Primary Care Association Washington DC 1/8/2009 1/9/2009 Gwendolyn Young 202-638-0252
VIII Association for Utah Community Health (AUCH) Salt Lake City UT 1/8/2009 1/9/2009 Amy Sawaya 801-974-5522 4610
IV Alabama Primary Health Care Association Montgomery AL 01/07/2009 01/08/2008 Celeste Drayden 334.271.7068
VI Community Health Centers of Arkansas, Inc. North Little Rock AR 01/12/2009 01/13/2009 Joan Diehl 501-374-8225
III Virginia Community Healthcare Association Richmond VA 01/12/2009 01/13/2009 Janice Fisher 804-378-8801 18
IV Mississippi Primary Health Care Association Ridgeland MS 01/12/2009 01/13/2009 TC Washington 601-981-1817
IV South Carolina Primary Health Care Association and North Carolina Community Health Center Association Columbia SC 01/15/2009 01/16/2009 Vincent Patterson
or Marti Wolf
803-788-2778 215 or
X Alaska Primary Care Association Anchorage AK 01/15/2009 01/16/2009 Jenny Lounsbury 907-929-2729
I Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers Boston MA 01/20/2009 01/21/2009 Denise McAuley 617-426-2225 234
IX Arizona Association of Community Health Centers Phoenix AZ 01/22/2009 01/23/2009 Linda Ross 602-253-0090
II Community Health Care Association of NY State New York City NY 1/26/2009   Roxanne Wynn 212-710-3806
II Community Health Care Association of NY State Brockport NY 1/27/2009   Roxanne Wynn 212-710-3806
IV Florida Association of Community Health Centers Orlando FL 1/27/2009 1/28/2009 Travis Coker 850-942-1822 202
IV Georgia Association for Primary Health Care, Inc. Atlanta GA 01/29/2009 01/30/2009 Katie Joselow 404-270-2165
III Maryland Association of Primary Health Care Annapolis MD 2/4/2009 2/5/2009 Kathie Baldwin 301-577-0097 45
V Michigan Primary Care Association Lansing MI 2/5/2009 2/6/2009 Barb Whitlow 517-381-8000 207

The Bureau of Primary Health Care is pleased to announce the latest in an ongoing series of training sessions on th Uniform Data System (UDS). This training program is being offered to State and Regional primary care associations who wish to partner with the Bureau in hosting these sessions.

UDS training will be provided by BPHC's UDS contractor, John Snow Inc. This year, because of the implementation of both the new web-based submissions and the new clinical measures, additional time is being provided; the UDS will be due on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009. Training will also be delayed somewhat, and will be scheduled during the periods October 19th through December 19th, 2008 and January 5th through February 20th, 2009. Training sessions start in the morning, often requiring some participants to travel to the central training point the day before the training.

The first day of the Training Conference will be a full day session: Preparing the 2008 UDS Report. It addresses each of the tables with an emphasis on the changes that have been made to many of the tables. This will include a review of the new clinical measures tables (Table 6B and 7) but in less depth than was provided this summer. (A complete list of changes will be provided to use as a part of your announcements of the training.) Training will focus on definitions of data elements, locating and reporting these elements, and common errors and problems to be avoided. Preparing the 2008 UDS Report is aimed at those who are responsible for gathering and reporting the data elements included in the UDS report, as well as for management staff who need to understand the definitions and concepts used. Training on the first day should start at a time between 9:00 and 10:00 and be over between 3:00 and 4:00.

On the second day we will present a modified version of the successful advanced training module: Using the UDS as a Management Tool. On this day we will also provide a live demonstration of the Bureaus new UDS software which is being integrated into the Electronic Handbook for the first time. This session will include roughly one hour on the new software changes. The remaining 2.5 hour Using the UDS as a Management Tool presentation is a detailed review of the UDS Feedback Reports. It includes both an interactive lecture with supportive materials and a small group exercise to permit the participants to try out the tools being described. Using the UDS as a Management Tool is useful to those submitting the reports, and is especially useful to senior management and decision making staff of the center. Training on the second day will start at 9:00 and be over by 1:00PM.

As in the past, BPHC will cover all costs associated with providing the presenter for the training sessions and provide necessary training materials to the PCA. The PCA partner in the training will be responsible for:

  • Sending an announcement to all BPHC funded agencies in their state and, where appropriate, neighboring states. BPHC and JSI can provide a mailing list of current grantees (not including any new-starts!) if requested. Prospective grantees, consultants and others may be invited at the PCAs discretion. BPHC and JSI will also provide an agenda and limited camera ready copy for creating announcements.
  • Reproducing handouts for the session, amounting to as many as 200 pages per participant. Camera ready copy will be provided by JSI.
  • Identifying, contracting with, and paying for a training venue to include lunch on the first day unless suitable restaurant resources are readily available nearby. Because participants from out of town who attend both days of the training will need lodging, the PCA will be asked to also negotiate a block of rooms for those who will be staying overnight.
  • Providing technical support. The PCA will be asked to have an LCD projector to display Power-Point and other computer based information available at the site. The trainers will have their own computers for the presentation, though a back-up computer would be a good idea in case something goes wrong. This is the same as we have always required. In addition, the PCA will be asked to ensure that the trainer will be able to connect to the internet through either a hard wire connection or a wireless connection in the room where the presentation is being made on the second day.
  • Establishing and collecting an optional fee for the training program. The fee is intended to cover all PCA costs.
  • Establishing a process to register all participants.
  • Staffing the training session on the days of the training.
    Primary Care Associations which would like to co-host a 2008-2009 UDS Training Conference should provide the information requested by September 12th: Submit Information.
  • We will attempt to honor all requests received by this date, but there is a limit and requests will generally be honored on a first come first served basis. Commitments to specific dates will similarly be made on a first-come, first-served basis, however multiple trainers should make it possible to accommodate most requested dates. As in the past, we will work to maximize the geographic accessibility of training opportunities by holding the training sessions all around the nation. Once selected, co-hosts will work with JSI to set dates. Once a schedule has been developed, it will be posted on the BPHC Web site and updated periodically.