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Central Registry Sub-system Entity Identification Number (CRSEIN)
It consists of a three-part coding scheme of twelve characters used to identify individual and organizational entities conducting business with DHHS. A "1" in the first position of the CRSEIN identifies the recipient as an organization; a "2" means an individual. The next nine characters are the IRS TIN for organizations or the SSN for individuals. The last two characters will be "A1" through "ZZ" for an organization to identify its various components, or blanks for an individual.

The entities could be subsidiaries, divisions, branches, subdivisions, or other organizational groupings of a major organizational entity. The suffix is assigned by the CRS.

Note that HRSA only deals with organizational entities.

See also: Employer Identification Number
CFDA Number
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) is a Government-wide compendium of Federal programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance. Each program in the Catalog is preceded by a five-digit program identification number (CFDA number), for example 93.110. The first two digits identify the Federal department or agency that administers the program, and the last three digits are assigned in numerical sequence.  CFDA Numbers starting with 93 belong to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Communicaton Contact (CC)
The communication contact is a functional role in the HRSA E-Grants process who serves as the single point of contact for an organization.

Competing Continuation Application
A request for funding to renew, by one or more additional budget periods, a project period that would otherwise expire.

See also: Federal Identifier, Grant Number, Types of Application
Cost Sharing
Flag to define the cost sharing or matching requirements for a program. Several HRSA programs require a matching amount, or percentage of the total project support, to come from sources other than Federal funds. Matching requirements are generally mandated in the authorizing legislation for specific categories. Also, matching or other cost-sharing requirements may be administratively required by the awarding office.

Create CIS Request
Privilege that determines if a user can create a Change in Scope request for a given the grant. Requires corresponding view and edit privileges