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A Message About E-Gov
Results to Build On
November 3, 2008 - As Americans elect a new President this fall, it is natural to take stock of what we have accomplished to date in E-Government. Initially launched in 2002, the E-Gov initiatives sought to improve services to citizens and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations. Agencies were charged with working together to achieve common goals and customer-focused results. At the time, this concept presented a significant change to the status quo, but as we near the end of 2008, it is a reality. There were those who thought it would never happen, but now citizens can access government information, apply for Federal grants, and review Federal expenditures, to name just a few activities, with the mere click of a mouse.View more here

Improved Management Discipline

Securing Our Government and Improving Disaster Assistance
May 7, 2008 - Beginning in early 2008, additional E-Government Initiatives were introduced to help secure our government's infrastructure and improve assistance to victims of natural disasters. Using the best practices and lessons learned from the original E-Government (E-Gov) and Line of Business (LoB) Initiatives, we announced three new initiatives as part of the President's Budget for FY 2009: Trusted Internet Connections (TIC), International Trade Data System (ITDS), and Disaster Assistance Improvement Plan (DAIP).View more here

E-Gov: Aligning the Business -- Of Agencies!
January 31, 2008 - "The E-Government Lines of Business Initiatives (LoBs) are providing new avenues for agencies to align their business processes. The LoBs are continuing to demonstrate results by bringing agencies together to work as one government to improve their services and interactions of citizens and businesses, streamline government transactions, migrate to the common solutions and save taxpayer dollars. Upon migration to common, government-wide solutions, agencies are shutting down existing systems which save money and free-up resources for agencies to better focus on achieving their missions."

E-Gov - The talk of the town!
September 30, 2007 - "True to its mission, the E-Gov & Lines of Business initiatives continue to progress and produce results for citizens, business, and government. Agencies are migrating to payroll providers through E-Payroll; citizens are using GovBenefits.gov to access benefit information; and agency human resource management services are becoming more efficient through the consolidation efforts of the Human Resources Line of Business."

E-Gov - The Continual Improvement of Government Efficiency
July 30, 2007 - "As one of the five E-Government Portfolios, the Internal Efficiency and Effectiveness (IEE) portfolio has continued to create a more efficient and effective Federal Government. Through reductions in unnecessarily duplicative systems and increased cross agency partnerships, the IEE portfolio creates opportunities within the government for streamlining and standardization of existing agency processes and information technology (IT) investments. The Human Resources Management Line of Business (HR LOB) and the SmartBUY (Software Managed and Acquired on the Right Terms) initiatives have also made great strides in creating efficiency within the government."

Agency Collaboration Creating Citizen Benefits
May 1, 2007 - "The E-Gov and Lines of Business initiatives continue to work towards improving government efficiency and effectiveness through back office consolidations, streamlining processes, and reducing the number of duplicative systems. Additionally, the E-Gov initiatives continue to maintain focus on the major goal of improving service to citizens."

Focusing on Performance Measurements
January 22, 2007 - "The E-Gov initiatives continue to make progress improving and expanding services to citizens and businesses alike. We are also increasing our focus on transparency and accountability with the release of Performance Measurement information across the initiatives."

The road once less traveled is now becoming the road everyone travels upon. PDF
November 8, 2006 - "The E-Gov initiatives are continuing to improve and expand services to citizens, businesses and agencies alike. The recent launch of GovSales.gov through the Federal Asset Sales initiative provides a one-stop resource for the purchase of real estate and personal property from the Federal government."

Continued Progress with New Lines of Business PDF
July 26, 2006 - "The E-Gov and Lines of Business initiatives continue to build on past successes and make progress. Utilizing best practices and methodologies as developed on previous Line of Business efforts, the new Lines of Business (LoB) including IT Infrastructure, Geospatial, and Budget Formulation and Execution are on track to deliver cross-agency business cases this fall."
Karen Evans
Karen Evans

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May 2006 - E-Government Expansion with New Cross Agency Initiatives

February 2006 - Fostering the Development of Common Systems and Solutions

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