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What are our management practices like today? (1/30/07)
Federal agencies continue to adopt better human capital, cost, financial, IT and program management practices, to the point that the average Federal agency is better managed today than the best agency was five years ago. In the fall of 2001, Social Security and SBA were the highest rated agencies on the President’s Management Agenda scorecard, with three yellow status scores and two reds. Today the average Federal agency has 2+ green status scores, 1+ yellow and 1 red.

The two agencies who have the greatest ability to be effective are Labor and State: they have the desired human capital, cost, financial, IT and program management abilities, as reflected by their 5 green PMA status scores.

The six agencies who did what they said they would do this past quarter regarding the PMA are SBA, EPA, OMB and the Departments of Commerce, Justice and Labor, as reflected by their 5 green PMA progress scores. The others missed one or more key deliverables.

Most agencies continue to make good progress on the Faith-Based, Real Property and Improper Initiatives, as reflected by the preponderance of green PMA progress scores.

HUD completed a 12-year effort to reduce to acceptable levels the risks in its Single-Family Mortgage Insurance and Rental Housing Assistance Programs. Congratulations to Secretary Alphonso Jackson, Deputy Secretary Roy Bernardi, and Federal Housing Commissioner Bryan Montgomery for causing the program to be removed from GAO’s High Risk List.

Clay Johnson - Deputy Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget