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Length between 8 and 20 characters
At least one lower case alphabet (a-z)
At least one upper case alphabet (A-Z)
At least one number (0-9)
At least one special character (for example ~,!,@,#,*)

In addition, please note that while changing your password your new password cannot be identical to any of your previous 5 passwords.

See also: Security Answer, Security Question, Username
Post Date
Date when the agency wants the synopsis (funding opportunity) posted on This field could be used to build delays to allow announcements to appear first in the Federal Register or at the agency Internet site.

If this date has elapsed, then the funding opportunity will qualify for display on the HRSA external site.

Program Name
HRSA defined description of the program. The program name can be different from the announcement name as it appears in the HRSA Preview. While announcement name can change across different funding cycles to focus on a particular initiative, program name typically remains the same.

See also: Activity Code
Project Period
The project period is the total time for which support of a discretionary project has been programmatically approved. The project period usually consists of a series of budget periods of one-year duration. Once approved through initial review, continuation of each successive budget period is subject to satisfactory performance, availability of funds, and program priorities.

Funding opportunities not considered final because of pending action such as final congressional appropriation. Applicants are advised to consider these announcements for planning purposes only.

Provisional Announcement
Announcements not yet included in the President''s budget for the fiscal year. They are included for planning purposes only. Potential applicants should consider these announcements provisional until final congressional action on appropriation is taken.