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GATES Transaction Type (G)
Transactions being sent to GATES are categorized as either INSERT/UPDATE. Award transactions which have never been sent to the accounting system are sent as INSERT transactions; where as awards which were earlier sent to the accounting system and errored, when resent from the EHBs are sent as UPDATE transactions.

Grant Number
Unique identifier assigned by HRSA for each grant. The core grant number consists of 3-digit activity code, 2-digit organization code and a 5-digit serial number padded with leading zeros. This core grant number is always 10-digits.

The full grant number includes additional details to help identify a particular award and consists of award action, 10-digit core grant number, support year padded with leading zero and revision number padded with leading zero. The full grant number is always 18-digits including the space and hypens.

See also: Competing Continuation Application , Federal Identifier, Former Grant Number , Internal Organization Code, Noncompeting Continuation Application , Serial Number, Supplemental Application