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Federal Identifier
Refers to the identifier assigned by the Federal agency to the applicant/grantee. In case of HRSA, this identifier refers to the grant number of the grant. This number/identifier is required in order to apply for a supplemental, competing continuation or noncompeting continuation application.
Note that on FORM HRSA 6025-1, it appears as Grant Number field on the cover page while on FORM PHS 398, it appears as Number field, also on the cover page. On FORM PHS-5161-1 it appears as Federal Identifier on the cover page.

See also: Applicant Identifier, Competing Continuation Application , Grant Number, Noncompeting Continuation Application , Notice of Grant Award, Serial Number, Supplemental Application , Types of Application
Former Grant Number
When one of the components of a grant number changes, a new grant number is assigned to the grant. The existing grant number is then available as the Former Grant Number to enable historical tracking. Grant number can change either due to transfer of grant to another organization or due to internal administrative reasons.

See also: Grant Number