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Help - Grant Handbook
My request to add the grant to portfolio was approved. Still I do not see the necessary lefthand side sections in the grant handbook of the registered grant. Why?
The lefthand side sections of the grant handbook are privilege driven. For you to access specific sections of the grant handbook, appropriate privileges are to be granted. Learn more about available privileges
Which NGA is refered to as the last NGA?
The last NGA issued in the latest year of support is referred to as the last NGA.

It is possible that HRSA might have issued an NGA to reflect changes in a prior year of support which might chronologically be the last NGA. However, such an NGA is NOT refered as the last NGA.
Which awards are shown under the Award History link?
HRSA EHBs keep archived data for a period of 5 years. Hence NGAs issued upto 5 years ago are available under award history.
How do I print an NGA?
Each award shown in the award history has a View NGA link against it. Click on this link against the award that is to be printed to open a popup window showing the NGA preview. Use the print button in the preview to print the NGA in PDF format.

Note: Acrobat Reader version 5 or above is required to print the PDF version of an NGA.
When I click the View NGA link against an award, I do not see the terms and conditions mentioned in the NGA. Why?
The NGA preview, shown on clicking the View NGA link in the award history, displays only the face page of the NGA. To view other sections of the NGA like Terms & Conditions, Attachments to NGA (if any) use the respective tabs in the preview screen.

Note: Terms & Conditions data is available ONLY for awards issued on or after 11/05/2003. For awards issued prior to this date, please refer to the paper copy of the NGA.