Entity Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for participating in the NPDB and HIPDB are specified in the legislation for each Data Bank. If your entity is not eligible to report or query under a given statute, you may not query or report to that Data Bank. Each entity is responsible for determining its eligibility to participate in the NPDB, the HIPDB, or both, and must certify that eligibility in writing.

National Practitioner Data Bank - Title IV

Entities entitled to participate in the NPDB are defined in the provisions of Title IV and the NPDB regulations PDF Document.

To be eligible to query the NPDB, an entity must be one of the following:

Entities that must report to the NPDB under Title IV are:

Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank - Section 1128E

Entities entitled to participate in the HIPDB are defined in Section 1128E and the HIPDB regulations PDF Document. Entities that must report to and that are eligible to query the HIPDB are:

For more information on entity eligibility, see the Fact Sheet on Entity Eligibility PDF Document, the NPDB Guidebook, and the HIPDB Guidebook.