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Important Electronic Submission Information for All HRSA Grant Applicants

Competing Applications
All applicants submitting competing grant applications for new competitions, competing continuations or competing supplements are required to submit their applications electronically through

At this time, the system does not limit the number of grant applications an applicant can submit for a single opportunity. Therefore, applicants sometimes submit more than one application for the same opportunity, and may add information or attachments to subsequent submissions.

To eliminate processing errors at the HRSA Grants Application Center and ensure that all applicants are treated equally, beginning with all closings in July 2007, HRSA will only accept an applicant’s first electronic submission as the final and only acceptable submission of any competing application submitted to

No other electronic application submissions for the same opportunity will be accepted. This is consistent with the language currently contained in all funding announcements.

This means that applicants must carefully review their electronic applications to ensure accuracy and completion prior to submission. When submitting electronically, applicants should print the application before submitting it to ensure appropriate formatting, adherence to page limit requirements, and to ensure that all attachments are included.

All application information, including attachments, must be submitted at the same time — when the applicant presses the submit button.

HRSA will not consider additional information and/or materials submitted after this initial submission, nor will we accept emailed applications or supplemental materials once the application has been received.

For applications submitted multiple times through, only the initial submission will be accepted by HRSA. Any and all requests to replace a subsequent submission for the initial submission will be denied.

In cases where an application is submitted for the same funding opportunity both electronically to and to the HRSA Grants Application Center (GAC) via paper copy (assuming the applicant requested and was given an exemption to submit a paper application because of a HRSA-verified technological problem), the paper submission will be accepted as the final submission, without regard to completeness or timing of the submission.

All other application submissions, whether electronic or paper, for the same opportunity will not be accepted or considered. Missing documents or attachments that the applicant neglected to submit with their first and final submission will not be accepted by HRSA.

Non-Competing Continuation Applications
Applicants submitting non-competing grant applications are required to submit their applications through a two-tiered electronic submissions process, through both and the HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs).

Applicants submit the required forms through After successful submission of the forms and subsequent processing by HRSA, applicants will then be required to submit additional information electronically through EHBs.

As with competing application submissions, only the first electronic submission will be accepted in This initial application submission will allow grantees to access the EHBs and submit the additional information necessary to process the application.

All other electronic submissions for the same opportunity will be neither accepted nor considered. Attachments and other required documents must be entered into EHBs during the first and final submission.

Should there be a problem which results in a required attachment not being submitted in the non-competing continuation application, the grantee will be directed to e-mail the additional information to the grantee’s/applicant’s Grants Management Specialist (GMS) at HRSA for scanning and inputting into the EHBs for the electronic official file.

If submitting additional information for non-competing continuations, the applicant must provide the GMS with the grant number, application tracking number, complete organization name and address and project director’s name and address.

Please be aware that, effective immediately, the EHBs will not be reopened for applicants to submit missing documents or attachments directly into the EHBs. If such information is requested in the application and the grantee fails to submit this information the awarding of funds may be delayed.

published: June 29, 2007

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