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Loan Repayment Program Fiscal Year 2009 Applicant Information Bulletin

Applications Due January 31
On-Line Application
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Special Items of Importance
Summary of Important Dates
Eligibility Requirements and Funding Preferences
Service Requirements
Qualifying Educational Loans
Community Site Employment
Full-Time Clinical Practice
Leaving the Community Site
Breaching the NHSC LRP Contract
Suspension, Waiver, Cancellation and Termination
The Application Process
Power-of-Attorney, Privacy Act Release Authorization and Change of Contact Information
NHSC LRP Checklist
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Job Opportunities
Frequently Asked Questions
Join an Applicant Conference Call
2:30 to 4:30 pm ET
January 13 & 14

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The Secretary of Health and Human Services may suspend or waive, in whole or in part, an NHSC LRP service or payment obligation.  Requests for suspensions and waivers are reviewed and processed by the Legal and Compliance Office (LCO).  In addition, the Secretary may cancel or terminate an NHSC LRP contract under very limited circumstances.

Suspension – A suspension of the NHSC LRP obligation will be granted if compliance with the obligation by the participant (1) is temporarily impossible or (2) would involve a temporary extreme hardship such that enforcement of the obligation would be unconscionable.  The major categories of suspensions are set forth below.  A request for a suspension must be submitted in writing to the Division of Scholar and Clinician Support (DSCS) at 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 8-15, Rockville, Maryland  20857, telephone 1-800-221-9393.  Except as noted below, the Legal and Compliance Office (LCO) will respond to the clinician’s request.  Periods of approved suspension will extend a participant’s NHSC LRP service obligation end date.  All periods of time away from the approved NHSC community site should be documented by the participant on the 6-month service obligation verification form.

Suspensions for Medical and Personal Reasons

A suspension may be granted, for up to one year, if the participant provides independent medical documentation of a physical or mental health disability, or a terminal illness of an immediate family member, that results in the participant’s temporary inability to perform the NHSC LRP obligation.  Upon receipt of the written suspension request, the LCO will mail the participant instructions for documenting that request.

Maternity/Paternity Suspensions

Participants must notify the DSCS of pending maternity/paternity leave and provide documentation from the attending clinician.  Maternity/paternity leave of 12 weeks or less should be documented on the six-month service obligation verification form after the DSCS has been notified.  If the participant’s maternity or paternity leave will exceed 12 weeks during that service year, the participant must request a suspension from the DSCS.  Suspensions may be granted based on documented medical need. 

Call to Active Duty in the Armed Forces

Participants who are also reservists and are called to active duty will be granted a suspension, for up to one year, beginning on the activation date described in the reservist’s call to active duty order.  In addition to the written request for a suspension, a copy of the order to active duty must be submitted to the DSCS.  The suspension will be extended if the applicable Armed Forces entity continues the period of active duty.  The period of active military duty will not be credited toward the NHSC service obligation.

Waiver – A waiver of the NHSC LRP obligation will only be granted if compliance with the obligation by the participant (1) is permanently impossible or (2) would involve a permanent extreme hardship such that enforcement of the obligation would be unconscionable.  A waiver request must be submitted in writing to the Division of Scholar and Clinician Support at 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 8-15, Rockville, Maryland 20857, telephone 1-800-221-9393.  The waiver request must specify the reason(s) the waiver is being requested.  The participant will be contacted directly by the Legal and Compliance Office regarding the medical and financial documentation necessary to process the waiver request.

Cancellation – The obligation will be cancelled in its entirety upon the death of the participant.

Termination – The Secretary may terminate an NHSC LRP Contract awarded in FY 2009 if, no later than 45 days before the end of this Fiscal Year (i.e., no later than August 17, 2009), the Division of Application and Awards (DAA) has received from the participant: 1) a written and signed request to terminate that contract and 2) repayment of all amounts of loan repayments paid to, or on behalf of, the participant under that contract.  **It is important to note that the August 17 deadline is established by statute and applies to all applicants (whether they received notification of their award prior to or after August 17).  Requests to terminate an award after August 17th will not be honored.  For further information, contact the DAA at 1-800-221-9393.

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