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Former NHSC Scholar Wins Prestigious Award

District of Columbia

Great things are happening with a former National Health Service Corps Scholar: Diana R. Caplan Jolles, CNM, MS, a certified nurse-midwife who served as one of our National Health Service Corps scholars received the 2008 Kitty Ernst Award. This award is one of the most prestigious honors awarded by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM); Ms. Jolles received this Award at the ACNM 53rd Annual Meeting & Exhibit, in Boston, Massachusetts on May 24, 2008.

After graduating from the University of Colorado Nurse-Midwifery Program, Ms. Jolles served as a National Health Service Corps scholar from 2000-2005. She developed strategic outreach initiatives and promoted service excellence documenting the work of Holy Family Services in Weslaco, TX. She went on to lead a team to establish an integrated midwifery service specializing in the specific needs of marginalized women in Denver. She has continued her path of caring for underserved women and is currently the General Director of the Developing Families Center in Washington, D.C., where she is working to address disparate outcomes in infant and maternal health in our nation's capitol.

Great things are happening with the National Health Service Corps!

Congratulations and great work Diana Jolles!

The communities we serve are as widespread and varied as the landscape of our Nation. Our clinicians work in mountain villages, bustling cities, desert townships, and along waterfronts. Each community is unique, and each has its own story to tell. Here are just a few.

Alabama–Overcoming Generations of Unhealthy Lifestyles in Alabama
Alaska–Rebuilding Community and Improving Mental Health in the Aleutian Islands
Alaska–Nursing Student Braves Alaskan Storms to Bring Patients to Safety
Arizona–NHSC Scholar Combines Native Traditions and Modern Medicine
California–Western Sierra Medical Clinic Wins National Health Service Corps Award of Excellence
California–University of Southern California Dental Clinic at Union Rescue Mission Wins 2005 NHSC Award of Excellence
Colorado–Interdisciplinary Approach is Necessity in Remote Region of Colorado
Connecticut–Nurse Practitioner Brings Leadership to Community Health Care
Guam–NHSC Clinician Sows Health Among Guam's Poorest of Poor
Idaho–Nurse Practitioner Brings Health Care Home in Idaho
Illinois–A Defining Moment Serves One Deaf Community
Illinois–Domestic Violence Prevention is Key Goal in Illinois Family Clinic
Illinois–A Sense of Kinship Draws Nurse Practitioner Toward Children in Need
Illinois–NHSC Physician Brings Feeling of Kinship in Mission to Help Underserved
Iowa/Illinois–Certified Nurse-Midwives Attentive to Mothers
Iowa–Psychiatrist Helped Iowa Underserved Celebrate Hope and Self-Reliance
Iowa–Late-Blooming Physician Starts New Career Helping Iowa’s Underserved
Iowa–Nurse Practitioner Uses Patience to Help Mentally Ill
Kansas–Physician Assistant Relishes Primary Care Practice in Western Kansas
Kansas–Child Psychologist Helps Kids and Parents Cope in Kansas
Kentucky–The Underserved Meets Vision of Committed Clinician
Louisiana–Family Doctor Takes Action through HIV Education among Youth in Louisiana
Maine–NHSC Scholar Helps Patients Manage Diabetes
Massachusetts–Great Brook Valley Health Center Wins National Health Service Corps Award of Excellence
Michigan–Improving the Oral Health of the Nation one Hug at a Time
Michigan–Hooked on Oral Health for Michigan’s Underserved
Minnesota–NHSC Clinicians Wrap Rural Community in Good Mental Health
Minnesota–A Nurse-Midwife's Labor of Love: A Letter From Rural Minnesota
Mississippi–Melody of hope in the birthplace of the Delta Blues
Missouri–Door-to-Door Smile Delivery for Children and Seniors
Missouri–Planting Quality Health Along With Dreams in Inner City St. Louis
Montana–New Director Empowers Montana's NHSC SEARCH Program
New Jersey–Jersey Scholar Learns Country Medicine in Pine Tree State
New Mexico–Pioneering NHSC Dentist Builds Access to Oral Health for Underserved in New Mexico
New York–NHSC Dentists Improve Oral Health in New York Community
North Carolina–NHSC Experience Gives Rise to a Small Miracle
Ohio–NHSC Dentist Helps Cincinnati's Homeless Learn to Smile
Ohio–The NHSC and an Alumnus Honored by President
Oklahoma–Peace of Mind is Brought to Inmates
Oregon–Columbia River Community Health Services Wins National Health Service Corps Award of Excellence
Pennsylvania–Quiet Charm of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Entices City Doctor to Set Down Roots
Pennsylvania–NHSC Allows Pediatrician to Practice the Kind of Medicine He Prefers
Pennsylvania–Long and Winding Road Leads to Dental Practice in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania–Dentist Feels At Home in a Small Town Environment
Pennsylvania–NHSC and Dynamic CEO Team Up for Better Health Care for Pennsylvania's Underserved
Pennsylvania–NHSC Brings Family Doctor Home Again
Pennsylvania–NHSC Scholar Flourishes in Unfamiliar Territory
Republic of Palau–Ready Responder Finds Fulfillment in an Emerging Island Nation
Texas–Needy Texas Mothers Can Depend on NHSC Midwife for Good Health
Texas–NHSC Makes a Difference, Deep in the Heart of Texas
Utah–NHSC Clinician Makes Ordinary Health Care Extraordinary
Washington, D.C.–Community Spirit Alive and Well in D.C.
Washington State–Complexity and Compassion Inspire Medical Director in Washington State
Washington State–"Doc Julie" Helps Build Health Care Services in Rural Washington State
Washington State–Empowerment Through One's Own Culture
Washington State–Finding a Balance between Work and Life
Wisconsin–Finding the Perfect Career through the NHSC

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